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FLOURISH: The Gem Project

We have four Gem Powers which help us to be kind, stay focused, bounce back, have courage & be resilient:

What is the Gem Project?

It is a strategy for rewarding good learning behaviours. Gems are rewarded to the class, not to the individual, they are recorded by the class teacher and class areas for development are then identified.

Pupil Voice - The Gem project has helped me...

‘The gem project has helped me to concentrate and to listen to the teacher and classmates’ (year 5)

‘It helped me to be kind’ (year 3)

‘It helps me to behave and work well’ (year 2)

‘It has helped me find my inner power and sparkle’ (year 6)

‘Because I know what power I’ve used by my certificates and cards’ (year 6)

‘Focus on my learning to be the best that I can’ (year 4)

‘Has helped me to help people to get more diamonds and think fast but try my best as well’ (year 4)

‘helps me not to get distracted also to help people and if I make mistakes I can bounce back and I can solve my own problems’ (year 4)

  • Diamond Power

I will take responsibility for solving problems and use different strategies to help. If I get stuck I will ask a good question. I will recognise when I can do things for myself and when I need help.

  • Ruby Power

I will be kind to others and make them feel good about themselves.

  • Emerald Power

I will be a brave learner and always try my best. If I get things wrong or make a mistake I will bounce back and have another go.

  • Sapphire Power

I will focus and engage with my learning and help others to focus as well.

How will I know how my child is doing?

The Gem Project is very much focused rewarding the class for learning behaviours and  we recognise that it is important to know at home how well your child is doing, so we have ‘Gem cards’. ‘Gem cards’ are  a form of communication with home, there is no reward for their accumulation as it is about valuing the learning behaviour, not collecting cards. Weekly certificates  also focus on Gem behaviours.

How can I support my child & the strategy?

Display the Gem behaviours at home & discuss with your child when anyone in the family demonstrates Gem behaviour.