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Parent Survey 2021

We also asked the children, What does the school do well?

 Hippo exercise - having fun

Takes care of me ( Mr farmer)

Help me to focus on my work when I get distracted

Sorting out arguments

"It is a kind school.

School lunch is yummy."

The lessons done by the teachers and first aid.

Everyone’s friendly to you and the school keeps you healthy and fit.

They are good at teaching and helping with any difficulties. It's a really nice school to be part of.

It keeps me safe  and helps me with my emotion 🥳🤓

Teach , help in making right choices. Caring and fun to study here.

"I enjoy coming ro school every day as I have so much fun with my friends. I live to learn especially in science whenever I have a problem my teacher is always there to find a way to fix it. I love how all my lessons are fun and interesting, always keeping me active and are never boring

"Everyone is friendly and the adults are there if I want them.

The lessons are more like games. It feels less like work.

It teaches children how to be responsible and how to handle situations in the right way.

The school is good at teaching lessons and are good problem solvers.

Daughter said “learning” :)

The school helps everyone and keeps everyone safe

Caring about every one and making people feel secure

Teach well, good assemblies, Teamwork, provide challenge,helps  other children.

Resolving arguments, giving children good education and making sure everyone knows that they can also share their own thoughts with the teachers and classmates


PE teacher is the best teacher! PE lessons is my favourite lesson! Very good organazed!

The school does everything very well, and is very supportive. 

They do good learning and have some tyres .

Make me feel welcome and not overcrowded trying to be heard

The teachers work hard. There is always someone that can help me. I can get help if I ask.

I like the golden time

Keeps us safe


Help people when they need help, it is friendly

Good work, reading with kids, playing with kids, tasty lunches

Its great school, I like it

Have a lovely family atmosphere

Makes everyone feel welcome