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Paris 2024 Olympics


The 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics will soon be upon us, and 'Get Set' has a great free programme for schools to get involved in.

What is Path to Paris?
Path to Paris is a programme for schools, families and local communities designed to help children and their families to get active together, try new things and most importantly: have fun. It’s all about team spirit and building a habit of physical activity. Path to Paris uses the inspiration of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to challenge children across the country to virtually travel to Paris by getting active. By taking part, children will grow in confidence and learn vital skills, such as teamwork and resilience.

Who is it for?
Path to Paris is aimed at 5-11 aged children and their families.  Anyone can take part online but only school children and their families attending schools in the UK for primary aged children will be eligible for additional offers, rewards and incentives.

Sign up for free here:  Get Set | Get Set Path To Paris