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Talking is crucial for every child:

  • Talk on the way to school
  • Talk about the bedtime story you read
  • Talk over meal times
  • Talk after school: Structure a conversation with your child. By explaining to you what they have learnt, they will consolidate their learning.

Easier said than done?  ‘What did you do in school today?’  ‘Nothing…..’

Sound typical? Some ideas to get your child talking! Asking your child specific questions will help them spark their memory & ignite conversations beyond “fine.”

Sample questions to ask:

  • Which story did your teacher read to the class today?
  • What was your favourite part of the story?
  • What was [insert another child’s name] favourite part of the story?
  • What does your teacher have planned this week?
  • What are you looking forward to at school tomorrow?
  • What has been your most favourite activity this year (ask this at various points throughout the year)?
  • What was your favourite part of your day?
  • Did you get frustrated with anything at school today?
  • Were you able to finish all of your work today?
  • Do you have any questions that maybe your teacher couldn’t answer?
  • What successes did you have at school today?
  • What are you learning to write about at school at the moment?
  • What good questions did you ask at school today?
  • What are you focusing on improving at the moment?