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St Mary's Farnham Royal Church of England Primary School

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If School is closed it will be on our website

PLEASE DO NOT CALL SCHOOL as we will need the phone lines for essential calls


In the event of snow or bad weather the  decision to close the school is based on two key factors.

  • Staffing (how many teachers are able to get to school safely)
  • Access to the school site


If access to the school is deemed to be hazardous or there is clearly going to be insufficient teachers to teach the children then the Chair of Governors & Headteacher will make the decision to close the school. They are the only people who can decide to close the school.


We will endeavour to do this as early as possible as we appreciate school closures effect many people. However there are many factors to consider including:

  • The safety of staff (They need to arrive safely to assess the school site)
  • Changeable weather
  • The effect on all parties involved


If the school closes the school closure you will know via:

  • The school website
  • Bucks Schoolsweb site which will automatically be posted on the Parents Zone page and trigger contact with the local radio station 3 Counties Radio 103.3 FM.

Snow During the School Day

If the school closes during the day it will share this with parents via the school website & Facebook.


It is impractical to phone every parent so please make sure you monitor the website & pass on information to others.



If there is snow then our lunches may not be delivered even if we are open. If in doubt please send your child with a packed lunch. If hot meals cannot be delivered this may be considered as a contributing factor for school the school to close or close early, as we cannot feed all the hot meal children.


What can you do to help?

  • DO NOT CALL SCHOOL – We cannot man the phones and you block the line for essential calls.
  • Monitor the school website & Facebook
  • If you work out of area make arrangements with a parent who is closer to school so they can collect your child. Please let school know of this arrangement
  • If in doubt please send your child with a packed lunch
  • Pass on information to others