SMFR Vision

Vision Statement


Faith: Our school provides a Christian ethos, celebrating and respecting our values and everyone’s differences

Family: Our school is a community that supports, nurtures and includes everyone

Future: Our school has a shared vision of excellence, where everybody’s potential is unlocked through challenge, perseverance, self-belief and independence


Faith:  Considerate well-mannered community members, respectful of Christian values and of others differences

Family:  Happy, proud, confident children who have high standards

Future:  Self-aware, independent learners able to challenge themselves and well equipped for the future


Faith:  Approachable adults who understand and respect the Christian values of the school

Family:  Kind, caring, role models, aware of children’s individual needs and consistent in all that they do

Future:  Adults passionate about teaching and learning ensuring progress for every individual through high expectations & continually striving to challenge & develop themselves


Faith:  Friendly & considerate role models providing good values for all children

Family:  Support their child in everything they do by extending learning at home and being an active part of the school community

Future:  Actively involved and interested in school life & the future of their child

St Mary’s Farnham Royal a community founded in Faith focused on Family and fulfilling Future potential.