sports reports

Welcome to the St Mary's sport page. Here you can keep up to date with the sports activities and competitions that our children are taking part in with our dedicated sports staff.

Martial Arts at St Marys! By Jessie Milne and Maya Mujeeb!

On the 7th of March 2018 students of St Marys (Yr5/Yr6) had three instructors come in to support and teach them how to defend themselves in the world!


Firstly, the instructors thoroughly explained what the students were doing and warned them to never have their hoodies up and headphones on so as not to obscure their peripheral vision and hearing. After that the instructors told the students to get into partners and then went through a routine of exercises. Later on after explaining what to do they got to the fun part: the students got to learn a variety of punches and all about their upper body muscles (they also got to punch special punching bags). 


The instructors then went through what to do in different scenarios and how to react to them in awesome ways! (P.S if you go there please do not try it on your peers.) For example; if someone grabs you and they are stronger than you an elbow strike would come in handy. However these moves are only used if absolutely necessary! Although this is one there are many, many more that the instructors would teach you. The student did exercises that were tiring but healthy (they took about 1-2mins each).

The students went through some exercises to stretch their lower body (not too hard but not too easy) and then learnt what to do in situation that involves your lower body strength. If you enjoy karate then you will love this: you get to kick a bag that your partner is holding (karate style)! Did you know? If you kick someone in the shin it will shock them and give you enough time to get away. Students also learnt a very crucial piece of information besides not obscuring peripheral vision: not to stare at someone otherwise they might get aggressive!


The duration of the session was approximately just under 2 hours. But I am sure that the students were having a blast of a time. Overall it is super fun and left students exited and willing to try it out (again do not try it on your peers please)! I bet you would have a spectacular time and you would learn lots. YES, even you mums can try it, so come on, I dare you!

On 16th March 8 children from years 4 and 5 attended an Aqua splash Festival at Chiltern Pool in Amersham. They had great fun competing in races against other schools using noodles, floats and balls. This was a great way to inspire our less confident swimmers to enjoy swimming. 
On Wednesday 17th January 8 children from years 5 and 6 competed in a swimming gala at Wycombe Abbeys very modern and state of the art pool. They competed against 6 other schools in backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and relay medley events. All swam like real champions and represented our school extremely well. Well done to Harry Chapman, Nikash Ramrakha,  Tyler Whitrod, Ezekiel Ifekoya, Ifeoluwa Oke, Naoimi Fakehinde, Zainab Gillani and Lynn Visaho.
This term year 3 have been receiving basketball coaching from Coach Jenner. So far they have learnt how to protect, dribble and catch the ball. This unit of work will culminate in an inter year group mini basketball competition at the end of term. 
On Friday 24th March children at SMFR dressed up in sports clothing to raise money for Sports Relief. Some dressed as their favourite sporting star and others represented sports clubs they attend. It was a fantastic opportunity for both the children and staff to raise money for a brilliant cause helping people who live tough lives in both the UK and in some of the worlds' poorest communities. Our children also purchased the Sports Relief wristbands and the whole school performed the Sports Relief song, Step It Up, in School assembly and at Music and Arts Night. A total of £182.07 was raised in total and a massive thank you to everyone who donated.