• Paul Randall

Paul Randall - Chair of Governors -  Responsibility for English, Phonics, Data and Safeguarding. Linked to Year 5

I became the Chair of Governors of St Mary’s during the Summer Term of 2014. I am married and have been for 28 years, I have two children. I live in Loudwater in High Wycombe and I am also the current Chair of Governors at Loudwater Combined School.

I have been involved in School Governance for just over eleven years and have learnt a vast amount in that time. I am incredibly proud to be a part of the team at St Marys and feel that the journey that we are on is an exciting one!

During the summer of 2013 I completed the National College Leadership Development Programme for Chairs of Governors and during the summer of 2016 I was designated as a National Leader of Governance. I have also completed my training to complete External Reviews of Governance. I am currently mentoring a Chair of Governors at another primary school in High Wycombe I am also chairing an Interim Executive Board for the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust, as well as this I am also an active member of a  Chairs Liaison Group that meets termly to discuss current priorities.

Mr Bari Mujeeb
Mr Bari Mujeeb - Vice Chair - Responsibility for Development, Pupil Premium, Data, Computing and Website. Linked to Year 2.
I have been a member of the governing body of St Mary’s for 6 years, first as a Parent Governor from 2012, then as a Foundation Governor from 2016.
During this time, St Mary’s has gone through many changes and I have been impressed, throughout, by the staff’s drive to innovate and improve the school, by the capacity and willingness of the children to learn, and proud of the governors’ role in this growth.
St Mary’s has achieved a lot in this period, but all of us recognise that there is more to be done.  I am looking forward to being a part of this journey.
I currently hold the position of Vice Chair of the Governing Body, with areas of responsibility including:
- Governor Development (ensuring that the governing body have the breadth of skills required to support and challenge the school);
- Pupil Premium (evaluating the work of the school in raising the attainment and progress of children who qualify for pupil premium funding);
- School Data (analysing the school’s performance data to ascertain how well it is doing against its objectives for the attainment and progress of the children); &
- Computing (acting as a link between the Governing Body and the school’s Computing Leader, and monitoring the school’s delivery of this curriculum subject).
I completed the National College Leadership Development Programme for Chairs (& Vice Chairs) of Governors in 2016.
I live in Farnham Royal with my wife and two daughters.  My eldest daughter recently moved on to secondary school, but my youngest still attends St Mary’s.  We are foster carers for Bucks County Council.  I am employed as a Risk Manager for a multinational company.


Rev. Gordon Briggs


 The Reverend Gordon Briggs – Foundation Governor - Finance, Pupil Premium, Sports Premium, PE, Extra-Curricular Sports. Linked to Year 4.

I joined the School Governing Body in September 2015 and have taken on the role of Chair of Finance and Personnel Committee, including responsibility for Pupil Premium and Sports & PE Grants.
I bring to the school extensive knowledge of local government, charity and business finance and law, having been the Chief Accountant to a large London Borough Council in the latter days of my main career and currently as School Business Manager in a large primary school. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. I have also lectured on business and accountancy in colleges and adult education forums.

My aim and responsibility is to ensure that the school operates within sound and secure financial procedures so that we obtain best value for money from our resources. There is an approved forward financial plan and constant monitoring of the accounts, so that finances are always linked to achieve the best results possible in the curriculum programme, in the maintenance of our premises, and in administration of the school.

Many associated with St Mary’s School will know me from St Mary’s Church, across the road from our C of E School, as I have been an Associate Priest there for about 20 years. Perhaps you were at a wedding or baptism [or even a funeral] that I presided at? Or maybe you have attended our special Family Services on the second Sunday in the month? All are very welcome!

I have been married for 53 years to Pat, whom many will recognise as Mrs Briggs, a former Headteacher of the School. I have three grown up children and four grandchildren of school age.
I have a great desire to see all pupils at St Mary’s able to fulfil their individual potential and the highest standards possible. We have a School vision and policies based on the values of Faith, Family and Future. Therefore I feel that all involved with the School – governors, teachers, support staff, pupils, parents and carers, must all work together to achieve those aims.   I assure you that for my part, I will do my best.

Mrs Ruth Millson

Ruth Millson - Foundation Governor - Responsible for EYFS, RE, Pastoral Support and Equalities. Linked to EYFS.


It is a real privilege to be involved in the life and work of St. Mary’s school as a Foundation Governor. I continue to be excited and impressed with all that I see and experience when visiting both staff and children and am proud of all it has achieved. I am committed to my roles within the school and enjoy working alongside hard working, caring and excellent staff. My experience as Head of Religious Education in an ethnically diverse large comprehensive school in North London and 8 years teaching in Mumbai, India is helpful in my role as a governor.  I have also taught English as an Additional Language (EAL) to refugees and asylum seekers in North London who were sitting GCSE and A levels. Their ages ranged from 16 - 25 years and as well as teaching English as a separate subject I was involved in language support for several of the subjects they studied. Alongside this I trained teachers of EAL to work with older teenagers and adults while I was working in a tertiary college.  More recently I have worked as a Human Resources Manager for a charity which sends professionals to work in the developing world.  Since retirement and moving to Farnham Common I have joined St. John’s church, Farnham Common where I am actively involved. I enjoy walks with my black Labrador and go swimming when I can.  Retirement has also provided me with the opportunity to travel which I love.

Mrs Elizabeth Glover
Mrs Elizabeth Glover - Responsibility for SEN, Science, Staff Well Being. Linked to Year 6. 

I am very pleased and honoured to be a Foundation Governor for almost 5 years at St Mary’s.  It has been a very interesting and challenging journey to get our Ofsted “Good” rating, which I am immensely proud of. 

My husband and I have lived in the area for 14 years and both our daughters attend the school.  What sets our school apart is the sense of family, belonging and that every child matters.  Because it is such a small school, everyone knows everyone and is noticed. 

On my regular visits as a governor, children are proud to show me their work and what they are learning about.  Behaviour is excellent and is always commented on by visitors. 

I am very passionate about the work our teachers do around SEN and how they cope with all the differing needs within our school.  They are all able to make progress in their own unique way, which sometimes cannot be measured in the data but by the life skills they acquire.  I like to be able to help make a difference within our school.

Mrs Vania Eaglen 
Mrs Vania Eaglen - Head Teacher - Responsibility for School Improvement
Mrs Sally-Ann Ward
Mrs Sally-Ann Ward - Deputy Head Teacher - Responsibility for Behaviour.
Mr Simon Taylor
Mr Simon Taylor - Foundation Governor - Responsibility for Health and Safety, Educational Visits.
Mrs Lacey Ashdown
Mrs Lacey Ashdown - Parent Governor. Responsibility for SPaG, PSHE, SRE, Vulnerable Groups and Team Teach. Linked to Year 6.
I joined the school governing body as a parent governor in October 2017. I am married and have two children who are twins and attend St. Mary’s. We live in Farnham Royal and attend St. Mary’s Church.
I worked as a Revenue Manager in the hospitality industry for 12 years after achieving a 2.1 BA Hons Degree in Hospitality Management.  Currently I run a successful business with my husband.
My children started reception in September 2017 and at that time the school was looking for a new parent governor. Being involved in my children’s education and being part of a community with the same vision was a number one priority for my husband and I, so I was delighted when I joined.
St. Mary's is not just a school, it’s a family. You can feel it from the moment you walk in the gates. All the teachers, staff and governors work hard together to keep that feel about the school. 
I am the chairperson for the school curriculum meetings, and in addition I am responsible for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG), PSHE & SRE, and also have a linked class with year 6.
I am proud to be part of the school and the governing body and wish it continued success.
Mr Tanwir Khan
Mr Tanwir Khan - Parent Governor. Responsibility for Maths and More Able Pupils. 
I am a 45-year-old father of four children who have all attended St Mary's Farnham Royal School. I have two boys currently in Year Six. I work as a Manager for large multinational. My role involves managing multimillion dollar services and business relations. Academically I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Brunel University and a Masters from Chiltern University.
I believe in taking an active role in my children’s learning. Like all parents, my children’s future is of the uppermost importance. As parents, we need to support the school, but when necessary we should also place the school under close scrutiny to ensure high standards are met.
I was delighted when I was nominated the Maths and Academically More Able pupils governor because this would give me the opportunity of making a difference in the education, of not just my children, but the school as a whole. 
My family and I have been part of this school for the last ten years during which we have seen the school grow and thrive and I feel a sense of pride when I look at the accomplishments made by both staff and pupils alike over the years.  
Please contact the school office if you would like to see copies of any of the Governing Body minutes

Governors’ Statement of General Principles for a Behaviour Policy

 The Governors’ at St Mary’s Farnham Royal believe that high standards of behaviour lie at the heart of a successful school that enable all children to make the best possible progress in all aspects of their school life.


Here at St Mary’s, we value everyone as an individual, capable of growth, change and development. Our relationships are underpinned by the principles of justice, equality, mutual respect fairness and consistency. We have high expectations that support the development of our pupils as effective and responsible citizens.


The purpose of this statement is to give guidance to the Headteacher in drawing up the Gem Project / Behaviour policy by stating the principles that the Governors expect to be followed.


 Good behaviour should be promoted through the development of a positive environment and ethos, together with high quality teaching and learning, the gem project which is embedded in the school and procedures which:-


 - Encourage pupils to have respect for themselves, for their peers and for adults

-  Encourage pupils to have a respect for the rights of others, including teachers

-  Encourage pupils to have a respect for the property of others, including the school

- Encourage pupils to be accountable for their own behaviour

- Encourage self-discipline and self-control

- It is recognised that consistent use of reward charts through use of the gem charter should be encourage for persistent behaviour

-  Strongly discourage aggressive behaviour of all kinds

- Place importance on reinforcing / rewarding positive behaviour rather than sanctions Ø Ensure fair and honest treatment and place an emphasis on attempts to identify and address causes for mis-behaviour rather than just treating symptoms

- Encourage the partnership between school and home through early involvement of parent communication


The Governors wish to emphasise that violence, threatening behaviour or abuse by pupils or parents towards the school’s staff will not be tolerated. If a parent does not conduct himself/herself properly, the school may ban them from the school premises and, if the parent continues to cause disturbance, he or she may be liable to prosecution.


 Accepted by Governors January 2016