Year 2

Welcome to Year 2’s Web Pages

Year 2 is a very important milestone in your child’s life, as it is their final year in Key Stage 1 and it is when they take their first SATs. During the SATs the children are tested on their Reading, SPaG and Maths skills.

The Year 2 Team

The team work hard to create a simulating, enriching and safe learning environment for all children. We are always available to address any concerns or queries that you may have during your child’s time with us. Your contribution and support is invaluable to us and if you feel you are able to contribute some of your time to support the children’s learning, we would be most grateful.

If you would like to find out more about our team and children please visit our individual Year 2 home pages on the class website. To do this you will need your picture password. Please remember that only Year 2 parents and children have access to this section so keep your details safe.


Autumn Term 2016

Our new topics for this term are listed below:-

English: This term we are looking at traditional tales, information texts, instructions, stories from other cultures and riddles.

Maths:  The 4 operations, fractions, problem solving and logical thinking, patterns in number, times tables, 2D/3D shapte, time and interpreting data.

Computing: 'We are researchers' and 'Crazy Coding'

Science:  Animals and their habitats.

RE: Our Big Questions are: 'Who Should You Follow?' and 'Should You Wear Religious Symbols'?

Art / DT:  Taj Mahal paintings, food technology.

Topic:  From England to India.

Music: Rhythm and beat.

PE / Games: Indian dance and ball skills.

PSHE: New Beginnings and Getting On and Falling Out.


What can you do to help your child during Year 2?

Reading - When your child brings home their reading book listen to them read it out loud. Once they have read the book to you ask them questions about what they have read, this is a key to developing their reading skills. 

Spellings - Your child will be given spellings every Friday which link directly to the Year 2 curriculum. This means they are not liked to their phonics phases and so it is essential that they practise these every day and can use them in sentences accurately. Please encourage your child to join up their handwriting when they practise their spellings. 

Writing - Support your child with their writing by giving them opportunities to write at home, this might be by encouraging them to write a diary or something simple like helping you write the shopping list! Whilst they are writing encourage them to use their phonic knowledge and their knowledge of forming letters correctly.

Maths - A piece of maths home learning will be sent home weekly, this home learning will be linked to what they have been learning that week in school. Support your child by encouraging them to use the methods they have been taught, you can even get them to explain the methods to you! 


What is expected of the children during SAT’s?

Reading test – The children read a text and then answer questions about what they have read.

SPaG test – The children are tested on their spelling via a spelling test and their grammar is tested via a SPaG paper.

Maths test – The children work through booklets of maths questions covering all of the work they have been learning in their maths lessons; number, shape, measuring, simple fractions, data handling and problem solving. They need to show their reasoning skills by explaining their answer. They also have to sit a mental maths test.


We hope that your children enjoy their time in Year Two as much as we enjoy teaching them!

Mrs Browning and Miss Simner