Year 3

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Thank you for visiting our section of the Website.  Here you can get a taste of all the exciting learning that is happening in our Year group.  To experience more, please don't forget to visit our class home page by login in using your username and password. 


Year 3 Staff


We have a wonderful team of adults who work incredibly hard to provide the children with an exciting, stimulating and fun experience in Yr 3.  The change from KS1 to KS2 is very important and we work hard to establish learning habits into the children that will serve them well throughout the rest of KS2 and beyond.  We encourage the children to begin to develop independent learning skills too through a variety of different home-learning tasks. 

The support of parents is vital to our work at SMFR and we value any input parents, children or other stake-holders would be willing to share with us.  Please feel free to come and talk to any of the Yr 3 team about any issues or ideas you may have. 

We would like to welcome you and your child to Year 3. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead! (We are all very approachable so please feel free to come and see us after school if there is anything we can help you with.)

This term we will be using a “creative” or “thematic” approach to the curriculum, by linking as many areas of learning together through a single theme.  This term’s theme is Mama Mia, where the children will be learning about modern Italy and its geography and then how the Roman Empire and its impact on Great Britain.  

English: Stories with familiar settings, Myths and Legends, Non chronological texts and play scripts


Maths: The 4 operations, fractions, problem solving and logical thinking, patterns in number, times tables, 2D/3D shape, reflection, nets, time, area, perimeter, co-ordinates and interpreting data. Stattistics


Computing: Coding and What is the internet


Science: Magnets and forces and animals including humans


R.E.: Recognizing religion in people and the concept of light in religious celebration


Art and DT: Roman mosaics and making pizzas


Topic: Modern Italy and The Romans in Britain


Music:  Musical notation and playing the xylophone and glockenspiel


PE / Games: R n B and Christmas music


PSHCE:  new beginnings 


French:  Greetings and names and numbers


Homework is sent home on a Thursday and will usually comprise of a piece of Maths or Science and a piece of English, Topic or RE.  It is handed in on the following Tuesday unless stated on the task.  Occasionally, we may set a piece of homework which involves research or making something and in these cases, more time is given. If there are any problems with Home Learning, please send a note in via the Home/School Communication Book or come and see one of us so that we can help!


Reading at home with your child is one of the most important ways you can support your child’s learning throughout the curriculum.  During the school day, children in Key Stage 2 do not read individually to an adult on a daily basis.  However, it remains vitally important that you read with your child at home and discuss their reading as much as possible.  We will be checking the children’s records three times a week to ensure that they are reading at home.  Reading at home does not always have to be the school reading book; it could be a book they have at home, a comic or part of a newspaper (First News is a child-friendly paper) We do enforce a strict reading regime and if their records are not signed at least 3 times a week then we will keep them in to read at break.


Mental Maths and times tables tests take place on a weekly basis on a Tuesday and a mental maths test on a Friday. so please continue to practise number skills, such as time tables, number bonds and complements, with your child.  These are hugely beneficial to your child’s mathematical learning.




Things to Remember


PE and reading records checked


Home Learning handed in and spelling and multiplication folders in too.

multiplication and spelling test


Reading records checked.


Home Learning Sent Home along with spellings and timestables. 

PE in afternoon


Mental maths test / Reading records checked.


In Key Stage 2, children are also required to provide their own pencil case.  Inside it should include pencils (writing and colouring), a blue handwriting pen, pencil sharpener, rubber and ruler.  PE kits should be placed in a named bag.  In Year 3, children are not provided with fruit, and will need to bring in a piece of fruit as a snack for break time if you would like.  A water bottle would be useful so the children can have a drink when needed. 


We would like to thank you for your support throughout the term.  If you have any questions regarding the work we will be covering, we will be pleased to answer them.