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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4's Web Pages


Thank you for visiting the Year 4 section of our Website.  On our page, you can get a taste of all the exciting learning that is happening in our Year group. All of the children are provided with enjoyable and fun opportunities for learning, and we hope that you can share in their experience through our page. 


We have a great team of adults that support the learning of the children in Year 4:


Mr I Copete       Miss H Bansal         Miss M Revell        


During Year 4, your children will have the opportunity to take part in exciting and stimulating from all areas of the curriculum. In English, we will look at fantasy and historical stories, newspaper recounts and information texts, as well as tackling play scripts, persuasion and explanations. We will be looking at these areas through focused attention to certain books. This year we will be looking at book such as 'A Christmas Carol', 'Red pyramid' and 'Pig heart Boy'. Check each term to see which books your child will be reading. 


In Maths, we focus on the four main functions, making certain that the basic concepts of maths are reinforced and built upon, as well as using information to help create and interpret graphs and using other forms of statistics. We also focus on measure, and we look closely at the properties of shape. Children are now expected to learn all times tables up to and including the 12 x table and so we teach specific mental skills alongside the key operations.


Using a topic based approach to the rest of the curriculum, we study 3 main topics during the year; British History where we look at some of the key events from the past that have shaped the country we live in today. Ancient Civilizations lets us investigate how 2 of the earliest civilizations developed and came to make some of the most amazing discoveries that we still use today. Those of the Ancient Egyptians and the Maya WE will be looking at their hierarchy and the complex religions as well as their beliefs on the afterlife and some of the more fun gory practices such as mummification!


In the Summer term we will be looking at extreme weather and how nature can humble man. WE will be looking at how certain weather can develop and adaptations man has made to make to deal with these climatic catastrophes.


We have a wonderful team of adults who work incredibly hard to provide the children with an exciting, stimulating and fun experience in Year 4, and hope that our website will help you engage with us so that you can enjoy the experience too.


Spring Term 2019


English: Newspaper articles, adventure and mystery stories, persuasive writing , fantasy stories

Maths:  number, multiplication and division, fractions, area

Computing:  We are music makers / We are E-Safety Aware

Science:  sound/ the biology of the human ear

RE:  what is the importance of pilgrimage? / the importance of Lent?

ART / DT:  making Egyptian Jewelry / making chocolate

Topic:  Ancient civilizations

Music:  Abba

PE / Games:  orienteering 

PSHE:  relationships and personal well being

French:  Clothing,


We ask as a minimum that the children read with an adult at home 3 times every week and record this in their reading record.  It is also important to ask your child questions about the text as this will help develop your child’s understanding of what they are reading.  It can make a real difference to progress and parent/child relationships.  We will check this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please refer in the front cover of their reading record for further information. We expect all children to bring in their own pencil case containing writing pencils and a handwriting pen.  However, as an optional extra, children can bring in their own coloured pencils.


All children will be expected to have their PE kit in school for our PE sessions.  PE will take place on a Wednesday and Friday.


 All children are expected to complete their homework.  We do like most homework to be independent but supporting your child in completing it can be a brilliant way to share and show interest in your child's learning. Please encourage the children though to use methods they have been taught at school. Homework will be handed out on a Thursday and expected in no later than Tuesday.  If homework is not handed in by this time, children will be expected to complete it during Lunchtime Homework Club on Wednesday.  However, if you have any concerns over their homework please put a message in the Home Communication Book or come in and see us. 


We hope that the children enjoy the term ahead but should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see us after school.


We thank you in advance for your support  this year.