It has been brilliant to see you all back at school. Thank you for all your support with how things are running at the moment.

St Mary's Farnham Royal Church of England Primary School

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4M Isolation work 10.11.20-13.11.20

Here you can find the resources for all lessons due to be covered this week. 


There will be additional comprehension activities on Reading Eggspress and Timetable challenges on TT Rockstars. 

Remember to use Reading Eggspress to complete your spelling activities too. 



WEDNESDAY: To write, edit and improve a setting description.

Read chapter 4 to the end of page 46. Write a setting description, as we did yesterday. Use the text to help you improve on what you wrote previously.


THURSDAY: To plan a newspaper report.

Finish reading chapter 4. Plan a newspaper report about the fire.


FRIDAY: To write a news paper report.

Use your plan to write your newspaper report. Remember to use reporting language and include quotes for eye witnesses (direct or indirect/reported speech). 


You will need this chapter to help with your work for the rest of the week.


Below are the sheets and PowerPoint for Wednesday and Thursday maths. Go through the Powerpoint from Wednesday's WALT page (I have left Monday and Tuesday on there in case you wish to go back over what we have covered). Complete your usual colour sheets. There is no need to do both. The answers are included so you can check how you got on. smiley




Wed: To measure perimeter

Thurs: To use Kilometres

Fri: Go back over anything from this week you don't feel confident with. 


Here is the SPaG slides and task sheets for you to complete.

This week we are looking at root words. 



Our Topic Focus this week is Remembrance. Go through the Power Point and watch the videos. Have a discussion with someone in your house about what you have learnt.

There are two tasks at the end of the Power Point. YOU can choose which one you would like to do. 


I can't wait to see which one you choose and what you achieve.





In science this week we were due to be making circuits.


This is the breakdown of the lesson. Try to work out how to make the bulb light up, how each component helps the bulb light up and what would happen if I removed one component.


In front of you you have two wires with crocodile clips at either end. You have a bulb and a battery pack. 

Using these four things, make the bulb light up (You could draw a picture to show how you would do it). 

What happens if I took away one of the wires? Why does this happen?


Look on YouTube for some videos to help you or explain further. 




This week in RE we are looking at the role of Mary in Bible Stories.


Look through the Power Point and make your own notes. Maybe you can get some of your family members involved in a discussion! 

The Importance of Mary



We all know that well-being is very important especially during these times. 


Here are some ideas to help you during the next few weeks at home. If you choose to do any of these activities please let me know how they went. 


1. Make a boredom jar. Ask your children what their favourite indoor activities are and use them to make a lucky dip or boredom jar. Write their ideas down on strips of paper and keep them in any container you’ve got, such as a bag, bowl, jar or hat. In moments of boredom or struggle, invite them to choose something they know they enjoy doing. Depending on their age, activities could include crafting, baking or cooking, watching their favourite film or playing a video or board game with you. This may be useful after you have done some Maths or English wink


2. Keep a daily routine going as much as possible, while also allowing for the fact that things will be different and trying not to give yourself a hard time about this. Keep a time frame for each activity. Each school task should be no longer than one hour. This is the set time we have for the lessons while in school. 


3. Take some time for exercise. Although you can't go out there are some things you can try at home even in a small space. Maybe an obstacle or assault course (be careful of the best china) or if you don't have space for that search YouTube for Just Dance videos. There are lots of different ones you can choose. A couple of my favourites are Super Mario and Ghostbusters! There are also lots of Yoga videos on YouTube including Cosmic Yoga and Joe Wicks' 'PE with Joe' videos are still available on his channel.


4. Learn how to do something new. Maybe learn to cook a new meal or sew a button. Tie your shoelaces or plait your hair! smiley