Thank you to all those parents that attended the 'Meet the Teacher' meetings this week. It was great to meet you all.

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Attendance Concerns

Attendance Concerns

SMFR monitors attendance closely and parents are always informed when attendance reaches a concerning level (below 95%) and then when it would be classed as persistently absent (90% or below). 


Following Buckinghamshire County procedures, SMFR looks to support families as much as possible to improves poor attendance and improve the situation and develop happy and healthy attendance routines.

If you are concerned about your child’s attendance then please do talk to Mr Farmer who, as our Pastoral Support Leader, will see how school can help in any way they can.  By working together things can always be made better.


If concerns continue then families are invited to a PCM meeting to look at what can be done to support issues with attendance.


If attendance issues continue further, then SMFR follows Buckinghamshire procedures to ensure attendance improves. This includes issuing fines and referring families for support from Social Care and other outside agencies.


Persistent Absence

Persistent Absence is defined as any pupil’s attendance percentage that is below 90% across an academic year.  St Mary’s Farnham Royal monitors attendance and informs parents when there are concerns and a formal letter is sent to any family of a pupil who has been classed as persistently absent across a school year. 


It may also be necessary to make a referral to Social Care in instances where a pupil’s attendance has been below 90% across 3 consecutive terms.