After-school clubs re-start this week and there are still some places available in some clubs. You can check this through the school gateway.

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Berkshire CAMHS

There is currently a long waiting list for CAMHS.  Recent indications by the service suggest that there is a 26 month wait for Autism assessments; however Berkshire CAMHS have now employed two private companies to carry out work on their behalf.  HELIOS carry out Autism Assessments and Psychiatry-UK are carrying out ADHD Assessments.  You may be offered the chance to have your assessment carried out by one of these partner agencies which may decrease your waiting time. 


Unfortunately, the children are not prioritised by degree of need and there is no way for children to be "moved up" the list to be seen more quickly. 

After the initial referral is made, you will receive a letter which may contain further questionnaires for yourself and the school to complete.  Please drop the school questionnaires into the school office and they will be passed to your child's teacher for completion. Once completed, we will email them back to CAMHS.  Likewise, we are happy to scan completed parent CAMHS forms and email them across for you.