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Drum roll please! We are pleased to announce the Circus is coming to town! School!


Friday 12th July 2019


Happy’s Circus is a professional all human (no animals) Circus, on our very own school field


Corporate Video 2017

Introducing you to the world of Happy. Our mission statement is on our website. But above all we want to make everyone's day a HAPPY one. " Even the kids will love it ! "

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4:30pm Gates open (Food including hotdogs, ice cream drinks & refreshments on sale)

5:30pm Big Top opens (Warm up show & seats, first come first served)

6:00pm Show starts

2 hour performance including a 30 minute interval


£8:00 per person

£28 Family ticket (4 people)

Will it be the same as 2017?

No, it’s even better. Now including songs and aspects of the ‘Greatest Showman’


Why are child and adult tickets the same price?

The Circus is a family event aimed at the children; however children do need to be accompanied by an adult, so we have ensured adults can accompany children for the same price as a child’s tickets.


How many seats are there?

600, we cannot accommodate any addition people for Health & Safety reasons. Seats will be sold on a first come first served basis.


Will I be able to buy a ticket on the day?

We hope to sell out before the day


Are seats allocated?

No, once you have a ticket it is a first come first seated on the day. The gates open at 4:30 and we expect that people will start queuing for seats. During this time you can buy refreshments. The Big Top will open at 5:30 and people will be able to take their seats to enjoy the the warm up show before the 6:00pm start.


What if I can’t see?

The seating is tiered so all seats should have a good view. There are also additional benches at the front for ‘children only’, to move to if they wish


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Shaun & Pippa


Shaun & Pippa have worked together in Circus for over ten years. They were both besotted with Circus from a very young age. Both have interesting varied backgrounds and come to Happy’s Circus with a variety of skills. Shaun first performed at the age of four when he found himself in the ring of the visiting circus displaying an amazing young aptitude for diablo. His mum loved circus and they attended every circus they could. Each summer, Circus Toppers would visit their village and each year Shaun would perform in the ring, this then developed into a summer job. Shaun learnt as many basic circus skills as he could and adapted well to the Circus life.


He left to join Happy’s Circus where he met his wife to be Pippa. Pippa was a drama teacher who yearned for a life in circus and she was accepted to train at the Aircraft Circus Training School where she learnt trapeze and did indeed leave her teaching job and ran away to join the circus.

Together they are a formidable couple having accumulated a wealth of experience from working in many circuses throughout the UK and France including Mr Fips Wonder Circus and Circus Starr. They excel in a whole range of circus skills including duo diablo, plate spinning and many magic illusions. Shaun and Pippa are also regularly in demand in the world of Corporate Entertainment & galas. In 2011 they featured in the Dionne Bromfield “Yeah Right “video where they had great fun displaying their plate spinning  and juggling skills.


New for 2018 Shaun will be emulating the escapologist Houdini in performing “The Great Fire Escape.”  Pippa will be performing her original bubble wire act which is her own conception, so if you see it anywhere else, they will have copied Pippa!

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Sergey & Svetlana


Sergey was born in the Ukraine. He comes from a traditional Circus family His mother also ran a Circus school where he learnt the basic skills of acrobatics, aerial gymnastics and juggling on which his Circus career has been built. He toured the world with his family learning all aspects of circus. Svetlana attended the school from the age of sixteen. They were paired as an acrobatic duo and shared a great passion for their craft. They were always rehearsing new routines, enjoying great popularity with audiences, competing in many competitions and festivals.


Of course they fell in love and were married. They have traveled the world, working together in the circuses of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Turkey. They are always looking to develop their acts. For 2018 we will enjoy, solo aerial straps, aerial silks and their enchanting adagio.


On the personal side they have a young son, little Ilya who at less than two years old, his parents say is already being prepared for a life in Circus. As is traditional in the Ukraine, he remains at home with the extended family of Serhii’s parents whilst Serhii and Svetlana travel the world. The Molchanovs are always challenging themselves to create new routines; they say they don’t know how to stop moving forwards. Watch this space.