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English work for Monday

Today we want you to go on a scavenger hunt around your home to see what information texts you can find. Remember lots of books are electronic now so it might be that you use a tablet, phone or computer to look at some information texts. The Oxford Owl website have e-books just like the ones we read in school if you want to have a look on there.

They have a free e-book library.


Try and spot some of the features of information texts that we have learnt about before:

· Contents page

· Glossary

· Index Page

· Pictures

· Captions

· Heading and sub-heading


We would love it if you could send us some pictures of what you find. You could make some notes if you’d like to. We've attached a worksheet where there is space for you to make notes but you could just do this on a plain piece of paper. You don't have to make notes but we would love to see some photos of what you find. There is also a poster which explains each of the features if you need a reminder!