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English work for Thursday & Friday

For today and tomorrow's English work we would like you to write a diary entry. This is a recount of what has happened. You have written recounts before. This time we want you to imagine that you are Dave (from the story Dogger). You need to retell how Dogger got lost and then how he was found. Remember to tell the reader how you (Dave) were feeling too. A diary entry is written in the first person so you need to use the words I, me and we. It is also written in the past tense.


  • There is a word mat below with some useful words to help you.
  • There is a writing sheet for you to write your diary entry onto. You can also use blank paper but please remember to include the date and start with 'Dear Diary'.
  • There is also a diary entry writing checklist. You do not have to use this but if you would like then you can look at each of the items on the checklist before you begin writing and then see if you can use them and tick them off after you've finished writing.


Remember this is a task that will take you two days so don't rush. Think carefully about what you'd like to write and make sure you check your sentences and read them back. Please make sure you are starting sentences with capital letters and ending them with full stops!