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English work for Tuesday

Today we would like you to choose your favourite zoo animal and write a factfile about it. We were learning about information texts before half term and this is an information text.


You need to:

1- choose your animal

2- think about what you know about this animal (talk to someone in your family about it)

3- write down information about your animal into full sentences that start with capital letters and end in full stops

4- draw a picture of your animal or print a picture and stick it onto your factfile

5- find out an interesting fact for the 'did you know?' section


Don't forget to write the animal's name as the title. 



Use the conjunctions and but and or in your writing (we have learnt about these in SPaG).

Use an exclamation mark somewhere in your factfile (we have also learn about these in SPaG).


There is an example factfile all about a Giraffe so look at and read this first.