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English work for Tuesday

Today we would like you to sequence the story of Dogger. You will find a document which has 3 sheets included. The first is a page with blank boxes for the children to cut and stick pictures into the correct order. The second is the pictures that need to be cut out and stuck onto the first sheet. The final sheet are the answers for checking your work at the end. If you do not have access to a printer then don't worry! You can look at the pictures provided and see if you can tell a family member which order they should go in. You can also explain to them what is happening in each of the pictures.


We have done lots of sequencing and ordering of stories in class so I know that you will all understand this task and hopefully enjoy it too!


Here is the link to the video of Dogger to refresh your memory of the story

If you want to challenge yourself further today then you could use the pictures to help you rewrite the story in your own words. Perhaps you could write a sentence for each picture.