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Financial Help & Benefits

Financial Help and Benefits

There are times when we all need financial support or advice about what benefits we may be entitled to receive.  


Support with the Cost of Living Crisis

The current cost of living is something that is impacting not just families but children themselves. Many children are so aware of how the cost of things is impacting the wellbeing of their parents and this then in turn is impacting their own wellbeing. SMFR work to support families with any issues that affect them. 

Here are some useful sources of support currently available:


The SMFR Pastoral Support Fund

Through the support of families at SMFR,  local businesses, local people and local community groups we have been able to create the Pastoral Support Fund.  This a fund that aims to provide financial support to families at times when they most need it.  This may be through helping with essential items for home, support with uniform or transport costs.  Any family with pupils at SMFR can apply to receive support from the fund.  


To do this, please contact Mr Farmer to find out more or complete the form below, email it to and then he will make contact with you directly.  

SMFR Pastoral Support Fund application form 2022-23