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St Mary's Farnham Royal Church of England Primary School

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Homework at SMFR takes into account the most recent research in education:


  • The quality of the task set appears to be more important than the quantity of work required from the pupil. Children often get more out of the open ended projects they complete with their family.
  • Parents can have a positive effect on homework completion and help children to develop effective learning habits. Children who are encouraged & supported by their parents to complete homework regularly form good work habits & are more successful in school.


Each term teachers send home:

  1. Age appropriate expectations for English & Maths. Including recommended time allocations.
  2. Topic Tasks for you to complete with your child. The discussion & fun you have with these is just as important as the outcome.


Families completing the tasks will be, generating valuable discussions, increasing vocabulary, installing effective learning habits, promoting self-discipline & equipping children for learning in


On our 'Class Pages' you can find:

  1. Resources to support Maths & English, age appropriate expectations
  2. This terms homework 'Topic Tasks'

Stuck with your homework?

  • Speak to your class teacher
  • Speak to Mr Farmer
  • As a school we have access to the Discovery Learning platform online that we also use within school.  There are activities and resources to support learning for all ages. To access this wonderful resource please click the link below. Children have been given individual logins and passwords they will need to access the site. 





15 Reasons to Do Your Homework


  1. It improves your thinking and memory
  2. It helps develop positive study skills and habits that will serve you well throughout life
  3. Homework encourages you to use time wisely
  4. It teaches you to work independently
  5. Homework teaches you to take responsibility for his or her work
  6. It allows you to review and practice what has been covered in class- Practice makes perfect!
  7. It enables you to get better at things like spelling and handwriting.
  8. It helps you to get ready for the next day’s class
  9. Homework helps you to learn to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials, and computer websites to find information
  10. It encourages you to explore subjects more fully than classroom time permits
  11. It allows you to extend learning by applying skills to new situations
  12. It helps you to integrate learning by applying many different skills to a single task, such as book reports or science projects
  13. Homework helps your parents to learn more about what you are learning in school
  14. It enables your parents to talk to you about what you are learning in school
  15. It encourages  you and your parents to get enthusiastic