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Information for parents of children returning to school

This information is for parents intending to send their child(ren) back to school

Last Updated 21.05.20


Do not send your child(ren) back to school unless you have received confirmation by the school. A EMAIL FROM THE HEADTEACHER 


You have a parental responsibility to insure you are well informed about reopening. You must read the reopening information here

  • Now
  • AND the day before sending you child to school (To take into account any updates)


  • Places are limited as guidelines mean that we can only accommodate 6 children per classroom. This is why we cannot offer Year 6 more than 2 days each. 
  • Children may not be in their usual classroom or with their usual teacher
  • Resources have been removed from classrooms & desks have been moved 2 meters apart
  • There will be no Tree Tops after school club until further notice


The school is working hard to make sure school is as safe as it can be, for children & staff. However, there will remain an element of risk and it is important that you are aware of this. It remains a parental choice to send your child(ren) back to school


Families sending children to school do so at their own risk:

  • SMFR staff will encourage social distancing however this is not guaranteed. Government have stated that “primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff.”
  • SMFR will adhere to Statutory Government advice

Planned Opening Dates


Monday 1st June will be an Inset day as planned. (No children in school) This will enable staff to prepare for a safe reopening.


Key worker & Vulnerable (K groups) -  Monday – Friday, planned start TUESDAY 2ND JUNE (Email may have said 3rd)

EYFS - Monday – Friday, planned start date 3rd June

Year 6 (6W2 & 6B2) -  Thursday & Friday ONLY, planned start date 4th June

Year 6  (6W1 & 6B1)-   Monday & Tuesday ONLY, planned start date 8th June


  • School is closed to Year 6 on a Wednesday.
  • We do not have the capacity to offer parents a choice of days. The Government have stated parents  employers must be accommodating.

Drop off and Collection Times


Arrival and exit times have been staggered ;

  • To Enable social distancing (we do not have the capacity to allow parental choice)
  • In recongnition of the length of time it will take to safely enter and exit. Please be patient.
  Drop off Collection
Year 1 8:30 - 8:50am 3:15pm
Key Worker & Vulnerable 8:30 - 8:50am 3:15pm
EYFS 8:50 - 9:15am 3pm
Year 6 8:50 - 9:15am 3pm


  • Entrance & exit points may not be the same as usual (Further details will be published when finalised)
  • Please be patient when dropping of and collecting, staff will be there to help & guide
  • No ‘Kiss and Drop’ car door opening at this time. Parents will need to bring children to classroom door. Parents can park in Dukes Head Pub car park and walk.
  • They may be adjusted as we are able to see how they work in reality.

Social Distancing of Adults

Parents are expected to socially distance themselves and their children when on school site and when speaking with staff.


Parents will NOT be able to enter the school or classroom.

Anxious Children

  • If your child is anxious or young, you may wish to avoid ‘drop off’ and arrive later via the office. You will still NOT be able to enter school, but it may be quieter for your child.
  • If your child is reluctant to return, you will be asked to take them home and try again another day

Communication with Staff

  • Parents will NOT be able to enter school to see staff
  • Please email the office any messages for staff
  • We cannot accept paper copies of messages,  or home school communication books, or work completed at home at this time.
  • Staff on duty will be supervising children, they will be unable to manage messages


  • Top half uniform is encouraged but if this is not possible, a plain t-shirt is acceptable.
  • Casual trousers and trainers are expected to ensure some physical activity can be accessed without the need for changing.
  • Pupils will not be penalised for not wearing uniform but clothes need to be appropriate for school and parents may be contacted to drop off a change of clothes if the clothes are not appropriate.
  • Long hair must be tied up
  • Face Masks can be worn on entry and exit to school. They are not recommended in lessons


Minimal equipment must  NOT be taken to and from school to avoid spreading the virus:



Not Allowed

  • Water bottles
  • PE kits
  • Packed Lunch
  • Reading books
  • Fruit Snack
  • Work from home (Many children will want to share work. We cannot accept copies at this time, please email it to the office)
  • Hat for sunny weather
  • Home school Communication Books (Please email the office any messages)
  • Coat
  • Toys from home


  • Pencil cases, stationary will be allocated to each child.


School are being encouraged to spend as much time outside as possible. Please make sure you have applied sun cream on hot days. Staff cannot apply this.

Staff PPE

It has been recommended that staff do not wear PPE accept for when in close contact or caring for children with symptoms. SMFR has however provided cloth face masks for staff, for use in some situations where increased social interaction is necessary. E.g; opening , closing times, meetings. Staff will not be wearing PPE in class.

Preparing Your Child


Eligible children will be returning to a very different school, to the one they left in March: 


Classrooms will be set up in a different way from what the children have been used to.  Where possible, resources have been removed from classrooms & desks have been moved 2 meters apart. Children will be allocated their own table and resources in the classroom,. EYFS children will be allocated their own space in the classroom, but this will be in a different way allowing children to be as spread out as possible.


Please talk to your children about social distancing – we know many of your children like to hug their teachers or give them a high five – as much as we will welcome your children back with open arms, we will need to avoid as much physical contact as possible to keep everyone safe.  


Please support us in sharing these  additional rules with your children (as appropriate), so they come to the school setting, with a clear understanding of the changes.


Behaviour expectations:

  • Pupils are expected to following instructions relating to 2m distancing.
  • In the classroom: expectations, seating plans and walking routes.
  • Corridors- walking is to be kept to the left, following visual arrows or following one-way systems
  • At break and lunchtimes – following seating and play instructions
  • Pupils are expected to following government guidelines
  • Pupils will be supported to understand the routines and parents notified of concerns
  • Purposely spitting, biting, coughing, invading space etc is not acceptable and parents will be called advising them of next steps following principles as laid out in the main policy

Attendance & Absence

Normal absence procedures will apply. If you have stated that your child will attend, please contact the office, if they cannot for any reason

Children Showing Symptoms

Children showing any symptoms of the virus should not attend and will be sent home:

  • High temperature
  • Coughing
  • Loss of taste
  • Loss of smell

What will happen if someone becomes ill?


We must all still follow Government guidelines, if anyone develops a new continuous cough or a high temperature or if someone in your household becomes ill, it is still very important that you self-isolate for 7 days and everyone else in the household self isolates for 14 days.


If a child becomes ill in school, the following will be put in place:


  1. Child will be kept in a safe place with a member of staff wearing PPE.
  2. You will be called and asked to collect your child immediately.
  3. You will need to book an appointment to have your child tested.
  4. You will need to share those results as soon as possible with school, even if this is at a weekend.
  5. If the test comes back negative, the child may return to school when they feel well enough.
  6. If the test comes back positive, all children and adults who have been in the same classroom as that child will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days. (This is why keeping children in their own cohort groups throughout the week is extremely important.)

Be Kind

As we reopen under these extraordinary circumstances it is important to remember that everyone, children, staff and parents have faced challenging and distressing times. Everyone is doing their best.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


We will notify parents of any further changes accordingly