It has been brilliant to see you all back at school. Thank you for all your support with how things are running at the moment.

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Isolation Work

Below you will find two weeks' worth of work set by your teacher. This should be completed if you are isolating at home and are well enough to learn. Please send your completed work to your teacher by emailing

You may also find some useful documents on the general Year 2 Class Page.

In addition to these, please read with your child as much as possible and question them about what they have read to develop their comprehension.




With the help of an adult, choose and research one of the historical figures that we will be learning about - Neil Armstrong, Florence Nightingale or Robert Falcon Scott.


Create a fact sheet about the indivudual, choosing the most interesting facts that you can find.


In RE we have been identifying different types of leaders. One of the most important leaders in the Bible is Moses. Retell one of the Bible stories that involves Moses leading people.