How wonderful it has been to see all of you back at school! We hope you are ready to show what great learners you are!

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APP Access, Parents/Carers Please Read

Downloading the school app alone, will not give you access to messages sent by the school.


Anyone can download the app, as it contains public information from the school website. But to receive messages from school, you must be a parent/carer with a invitation to join. These messages are not public.


To see the messages, you must follow the instructions sent to you via text from 'SchoolApp'. The text message sent on 28.12.19 contains a verification code. You need to use this to set up the app so you can receive messages from school.


You will know you have set this up correctly when:

  • You see a red message icon each time there is a message to read.
  • You have created yourself a pin code. Which you enter to receive messages


Any issues, please come in and speak with us