Thank you to all parents that attended Parent's Evening consultations this week. It was brilliant to be able to share all the great things your children are doing!

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Children's Mental Health Week 2022

Children's Mental Health Week 2022


This week is Children's Mental Health Week.  It gives us all a chance to look at what we can do to spot the signs of mental health issues amongst children and young people and what we can do to help.  The theme this year is 'Growing Together', encouraging parents and children to explore how they have grown together and how they can help each other to grow.


There are several websites that share a variety of resources to help families investigate their own well-being and provide ideas for help and support.  Click on the links below:


Children's Mental Health Week 2022 


Every Mind Matters


Child Mental Health & Well-Being


CBBC - Mental Health in School


MIND - Supporting Well-being in young people


Good Mental Health in young children


There is also a very useful section of our SMFR website that contains links and resources to support parents and children:


SMFR - Pastoral Support


SMFR works hard to support all children and families within our school community in as many ways as possible. If you feel you would like further advice or support with any specific issue then please do make contact.  We have a brilliant Pastoral Support Team and we are all here to help.