How wonderful it has been to see all of you back at school! We hope you are ready to show what great learners you are!

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Cultural Diversity Day

On Friday 24th January 2020, we held our first Cultural Diversity Day. There was huge buzz around the school as children and staff alike came in dressed to represent their culture. As you met people throughout the day everyone was keen to share the ideas & culture behind what they were wearing. One parent comment that as her children had to dress up it sparked conversation about the heritage of their family.


Children visited different classes throughout the day, where staff has prepared immersive activities which focused on different cultures, Italy, Poland, Spain, Christianity…. The children even got to taste a variety of food provided by both staff & parents.


One parent wrote in to say:   ‘Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the putting on the cultural day last Friday.  My boys bumbled in the car on Friday describing all the wonderful things they had done, seen, heard and tasted throughout this day; they really had so much fun and were able to share so much that it was clear this event had a great and positive impact on the boys. M even went on to say " didn't even do any learning today" not realising that he had learnt so much.


So please would pass on a thanks to Mrs Browning for organising such a wonderful event and to all staff involved.’