Thank you to all those parents that attended the 'Meet the Teacher' meetings this week. It was great to meet you all.

St Mary's Farnham Royal Church of England Primary School

Founded in Faith focused on Family and fulfilling Future potential

Letter from the Chair of Governors

Dear Children, Parents & Carers


I wrote to you at the end of the Autumn Term to confirm interviews had taken place for our new Headteacher and that we would be able to confirm who the successful candidate would be at the beginning of the Spring Term.


I am pleased to confirm that our new Head teacher will be Mr Shane Broderick, and he will begin at the start of the Summer Term.


Mr. Broderick has provided the following information as part of an introduction for you all:


I am delighted to have been appointed as the Headteacher of St Mary’s Farnham Royal C E Primary School. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in April 2023. From the first day I visited, I was astounded by the kindness and warmth every member of the school community displayed. The sense of community and family was evident from the passion every member of staff shared with me alongside the confidence the children showed when talking about how much they love their school. I developed a true sense of how wonderful this school is, and I am excited to lead it to further success in future years.


Having worked as a Head of School in a local primary school for a number of years, I understand how important positive working relationships, clear communication and a fun and exciting curriculum are in ensuring that the time children spend in primary school is the best time possible. I firmly believe that every child should enjoy coming to school and this belief will help shape every decision I make and a belief I will work tirelessly to fulfil.


I am excited to establish and develop relationships with every member of our school community. I will work with everyone at our school recognising the school’s achievements, its history, and the role it plays within the local community to ensure its future success, ensuring that every member of the community thrives.

I look forward to meeting you all in the Summer Term.

Mr Broderick


Yours sincerely

Mr Paul Randall

Chair of Governors