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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 10th-16th May 2021

This coming week is National Mental Health Awareness week.  We are all far more aware of how important it is to think about and be aware of our own mental well-being and of those around us.  This year's theme is 'Nature'.


Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - click here


The link above takes you to the national website that is full of ideas of how to monitor and become more aware of your own mental well-being, with resources and links to support everyone.  From tips on how to improve mental well-being to ideas of how to connect with nature, the week is a great time to just step back and consider how you and your family are all doing, especially with the impact that the pandemic has had on all of us.

As ever, if there is anything more SMFR can do to help or support you or your family with a concern or if you would like to get some help with something, pleased do contact us -

We are always here to help however we can.