It has been wonderful to see you all back. Thank you for continuing to follow the guidance and help keep us all as safe as possible.

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Nursery & Reception September 2021

Important Note: If your child is starting Nursery or Reception in September 2021, please contact and ask to be put in touch with Mrs Parkinson (EYFS Leader). This will enable a dialogue between you and the school to enable us to make your child's transition to our EYFS department as smooth and seamless as possible.

Click on the PDF below to access some really useful family learning courses to prepare your child for school life:

Thank you for your patience in these unusual times. We remain unclear as to what the guidance will be in September for schools, however we intend to still provide an opportunity for induction. 

Further details of this will be provided when we can provide exact dates.


We have set up this  page to help with your child's start to school and we will update this with information over the coming weeks.


If you have any questions in the meantime please mail them to




Many parents will want to buy uniform ahead of September and these circumstances are no different.  However we advise parents each year, that children can grow a lot over the summer before they start, so when thinking of uniform please take this in to consideration.


Uniform can be ordered by emailing and your order will be ready for collection 1st & 2nd September


If you would rather wait until September, this is also Ok and we will have the uniform we sell in stock.


Please refer to our uniform booklet for details on uniform, what we stock and prices


School Nursing Team

We have strong links with our school nursing team and they will come in a few times a year to check your child's:


  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Height
  • Weight


You will receive a form to 'opt in or out' of this service.

Pastoral Support at St Mary's Farnham Royal 

At St Mary’s Farnham Royal we would like everybody who is part of our school community to feel they are doing and being the best they can be, giving their all and striving for personal success in all things. This is the same for not only all pupils but also for the staff that work in school and for adults that form families at home.  But for us all to be able to do and be the best that we can, we need to feel the best that we can and there are times when we all need some help and support to feel our best.  This is where the Pastoral Support Team aim to help. 


So who are the Pastoral Support Team? 

Well actually every adult working at school helps to make up part of the Pastoral Support Team at SMFR. We all work together to ensure all pupils, parents and staff working in school feel safe, cared for, have someone to talk to and can share worries or issues they may have.  This could be about themselves or somebody they care about. 


Mr Farmer is the Pastoral Support Leader (PSL) and he is there to support YOU or your FAMILY in any way he or the school can.   

If there is something you feel you may want some support with then please don't hesitate to contact Mr Farmer.                

Email -          Tel – 01753 644471   

Top Tips for Talking

"Reading and writing float on a sea of talk." - James Britton

Please do ensure there are good quality talk sessions with your child on a daily basis. Below are some ideas on how to enrich your child's 'chatter' experiences.

Handy Websites for your EYFS Child
Always review the sites ahead of time so that you are able to help your children find the best resources available within the sites. Some offer a great number of games, songs, stories, videos etc. so it is important to know the site well in order to support and develop your child’s learning.