We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

St Mary's Farnham Royal Church of England Primary School

Founded in Faith focused on Family and fulfilling Future potential

Parent Voice

SMFR  is a family orientated school and recognises that children develop best when the school and parents work together. We therefore value the feedback we get from parents.

What does the school do well? (January 2020)


I moved my son to St Mary’s nearly a year ago. The difference in my son has been amazing. He’s more settled now and actually enjoys going! They’ve given him confidence and immense support over a difficult year for us. He’s catching up well as was slightly behind from his old school.

No complaints


The school has helped build my children's self confidence and their belief's in themselves. They are happy, confident, relaxed and doing well in all their subjects.


Extremely welcoming and helpful regarding any concerns. Very informative.


The school has a very personal touch as well as performing excellent education they also act as a family loving and caring.


The familiarity of teachers with children even if they don't teach them they still know their name. Also, the Headteacher at the school gate makes her more approachable. School is very welcoming. Making my daughter feel welcome.


The school has a community feel to it and my child (like every child) is known by name by every teacher. That speaks volumes on its own. My child is always excited to go to school and that should be the only statistic the council/ govt need to see.


St Mary's has helped my son massively. He's achieved so much with the help of the school really couldn't fault St Mary's in anyway. Brilliant school.


The staff at St Mary’s are fantastic. I feel they genuinely care about their students.


The headteacher is standing at the gate each morning greeting pupils and parents as they arrive for school. This is one of the best things about St Mary’s.


Really good hot meal system , my child really enjoys going to school staff are very helpful especially in the office with any relevant questions


My son has settled really well and enjoys all aspects of school life


Listened to me when I expressed that I felt my child has learning disabilities they had her observed fairly quickly and put things in place to help her to succeed in her work.


Pastoral team is excellent. They  do everything they can.


Encourages children to learn in a happy environment. Frequent visits to church. Opportunities for school trips


Caring and make a lovely environment for the children


Parental engagement listening to parents concerns


Personal touch and making a student feel like an individual rather than a number.

Cares about the children


Wonderful pastoral care and open teachers


Good communication and very friendly teaching staff, great ethos


Manage the cars in the morning.


SPAG and topic


Makes the children feel part a family and encourages them to do well






We joined the school during last academic year and so impressed with the staffs care for the children. My children have both jumped forward academically since joining from both being academically behind in their last school. An excellent school,  would highly recommend it.


Great Gem system for behaviour. A real family focus feel.


All teachers are very supportive, will help in any way they can.


Treat everyone with respect and model the right values


It’s a great school my son loves going there


Lovely caring staff and very welcoming with excellent communication. Every child feels listened too and valued


Children and parents are welcomed as if part of a family. Staff are open and available to help.

Concerns are never brushed off. They are taken seriously no matter how silly they may appear at times.


Warm and friendly community, feels like a family.


Really caring and supportive to children not only on academic basis


Provide support for children according to their personal needs and stage of development

The school is so good at teaching the children and ensuring they all feel valued and their differences are respected


Kind and friendly approach to education


My son is happy at this school.


Staff is really friendly & helpful




They communicate with parents.

What does the school do well?: (February 2018)


"Everything. The school looks after my child like a mum"


"We love St Mary’s - we are so grateful for our children to attend such a great



"St. Mary's provides and excellent education in a fun and supportive environment. I am very

happy that both my children attend this lovely school" 


"The staff are amazing and have made my daughters work improve so much after her only being

here for 18 months, I can’t thank them enough"


"The head teacher is on the gate every morning I think this is important as we can speak to her

she knows ever childs name and make you feel listened to."


"They encourage the pupils and have a good community feel"


"Good pastoral care and communication with parents. Additional support and sharing information

with parents. Amazing teachers "


"The school tailors learning to individual pupils as not all children work at the same rate as there peers "


"Excellent communication with parents and very good teaching. Nice atmosphere, much more

appealing than sending child to a larger school."


"It has the right amount of discipline and the attitude of the staff is very pleasant. They teach my

child in a way she understands."


"The teachers and TA’s take good care of the pupils, especially if they are having a bit of a

wobble in the mornings. Seeing your child at a very young age, excited and motivated to go to

school is very encouraging"