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Reading, What can I do at home to help?


Reading with your child and helping them with writing and spelling can help boost their achievement. Certain skills, like reading and counting, are worth really practising at home because they're fundamental to your child's progress later on.


Did you know?



Promoting reading at home is one of the most important ways that parents can support their child. Make sure your child has regular reading practice and check they understand what they read.


Here are some more tips on helping your child with reading:

  • when you read to your child, make the experience interactive - ask questions about the story, the pictures, and what they think of the characters
  • as their reading skills grow, gradually let them turn the tables until they're reading to you
  • use dictionaries together for difficult words - a picture dictionary can make exploring language more interesting
  • enrol your child at the local library so they can try new books regularly
  • keep an eye out for the themes that catch your child's imagination at school - and help follow it up with more reading
  • when you come across an unusual or funny-sounding word, help your child find out what it means and write it on the fridge door with magnetic letters.
  • as your child gets older encourage them to pick up other books around the house to boost familiarity with 'grown-up' language. Suggest a reading list, and encourage your child to write down thoughts on the books they have read.


How does reading differ at home from in school?


Spellings, reading & maths should be practiced at home. These ‘Academic Tasks’ are outlined on the homework sent out at the start of each term.


Reading in a group/class is to ‘teach’ the skills of reading and/or comprehension, inference & deduction.


Reading 1:1 at home helps children ‘practice’ the skills of reading and/or comprehension, inference & deduction.


  • Children only read 1:1 in school if they need the ‘practice’. You can help them & the school if you read 1:1 at home regularly.
  • The more ‘practice ‘at home the children do the better they will be!



In School

At Home


Reading in a group once a week

Read at home every day

Year 1 & 2

Reading in a group twice a week.

Read at home every day

Year 3

Reading as a class once a week

Read at home every day

Year 4, 5 & 6


Reading as a class once a week

By Yr 4 children can read correctly, whilst they should read to someone at least twice a week, they can read alone as well, to foster a love of reading. As long as they get a chance to discuss what they have read.

Ready Steady Read - Sponsored Reading Challenge

During the second part of the Autumn Term the whole school is taking part in a sponsored Reading Challenge.  

It is an Usborne Book’s sponsored reading challenge where we can raise money to buy much needed books for our school. We are also hoping to promote a love and enthusiasm for reading amongst the children at SMFR.


The event will run from Monday 8th November to Friday 12th November. Children will bring a sponsorship form home and the aim is to collect sponsorship money for the number of minutes they spend reading every evening. The class who raises the most money will win a tin of sweets to share and an extra 15-minute play time!


Sponsorship money will be collected in on the following week (unfortunately we are only able to accept cash). The final day for collecting monies will be Friday 19th November.


There will also be a book stall at 3.15pm after school on Wednesday 10th November, Thursday 11th November and Friday 12th November if you wish to purchase any books.


We really hope that you can join us in getting the children excited about reading and helping to not only get brand new books on our shelves but also to enhance the children’s learning. If we can raise £600 with your sponsorships, Usborne will give us an extra 60% in FREE books! That will be £960 of new books for our children in school! Please do help your child/ren to ask parents, grandparents, neighbours, friends and other family members to support this great cause.


The children will bring a paper sponsorship form home but if you need to print off another please click the link below.