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Remote Learning Jan 2021

Following our staff meeting today and the latest guidance provided this week, we have updated our remote learning plan which will be in place from 5th January 2021


The full plan can be found at the bottom of the page and highlights for your ease can be found below

  1. Website based remote learning

Class teachers maintain 2 weeks’ worth of age appropriate work on the school website - class pages. Whilst there is already work on the website, Teachers will be reviewing this on Tuesday 4th to set work for this week. Teachers will then review work weekly.


The work is varied and includes:

  • Set work by the class teacher, can be printed or simply completed straight from the website on to paper.
  • Recorded teaching (e.g. Oak National Academy lessons, video/audio)
  • Commercially available websites supporting the teaching of specific subjects or areas, including video clips or sequences
  • Long-term project work and/or internet research activities (as per the schools full opening guidance, schools full opening guidance, schools are expected to avoid an over-reliance on these approaches)


On a weekly basis the Deputy Head will monitor work uploaded by teachers

2. Paper copies

Parents can email to request a paper copy of year group learning packs. These would need to be collected from the school office by parents at a given time and will contain 2 weeks worth of learning.


3. Teacher Contact

Teachers will send a group email to parents at least once a week . Parents can then choose to respond back directly to teachers to communicate with them. Learning can be sent directly to teachers for comment and response


  • All emails are covered by school policy and in the unfortunate event that the service is abused, the school may have to withdraw the service.
  • Staff may not be able to reply immediately or outside of school hours.
  • Emails are not always the best means of communication and staff are willing  to arrange telephone appointments if requested
  • Please do not email individual staff to inform the school of absence, medical needs or to return permission forms - these must be directed to the school office or as indicated on the relevant form.


4. Homework & Curriculum

As per normal accessible via the website


Further Details Can Be Found in Our Remote Learning Plan Below