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Remote Learning- Week 1 WB 05/01/21

Happy New Year! 

We hope you had a lovely Christmas with your families. This year hasn't started as we originally planned but we have adapted the learning we would have been doing in school so you can still enjoy all the activities from home!


Below is an outline of what we are looking at for the next two weeks for each subject and the resources. You will find a range of subjects including English, Maths, Science and even French and Music! Have a go and send any work to us via our email addresses so we can see what you have achieved! We will respond to any pieces of work that we receive!


We have also included additional resources such as handwriting and a range of Times Tables Rockstars sheets. These can be used in addition to the activities for other subjects and great opportunities for practice!


Don't forget to log onto Reading Eggs and Rockstars. We will be setting activities on both for you to complete (you can also challenge your teacher on Rockstars!). 


If you have any questions or queries, please do email us as we will be able to respond and provide assistance for the activities we have set! 


Miss Wicks, Miss Gordon and Miss Stokes smiley


This half term we will be reading the book 'Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.' Every 2 weeks we will be putting the chapters online for you to enjoy and use to help you with the selection of activities we have created! There is also SPaG activities for you to complete and a selection of reading comprehension for you to complete!


As we have been recapping topics from Year 2 in Maths, the last two topics that we are yet to recap are Measurement and Shapes. We have included two activity booklets to help support recapping these topics. We will also include the first lot of lessons which is on Place Value.  Worksheets and Powerpoints are included and White Rose Maths Support Videos too. 


In RE this half term our Big Question is: Is a Jewish Child Free to Choose How to Live?

Your task for this next 2 weeks is to think about the rules that you have in your home. Create a poster including a list of rules that you have at home that you could display somewhere in your house. Once you have created your poster have a look at the next activity sheet which identifies the Ten Commandments. Using these can you create a list of 10 ways you can make your home happy? What could you do or what might make it happier?



In Science for this half term we will be learning about Animals including Humans! This is a really fun topic and hopefully you will be able to have lots of fun completing these activities. 

  • Task 1: Complete a KWL grid about everything you know about Animals including Humans (e.g. facts, information, names of different animals) and what you would like to know about them (e.g. How many bones are there in the human body?)
  • Task 2: The first lesson is all about Vertebrates and Invertebrates! Using the video clips and information provided, complete the table by deciding whether the animal is a Vertebrate or is an invertebrate! Challenge- Can you find 2 more examples for each and describe the key features of an invertebrate and vertebrate?
  • Task 3: Now it's your chance to label the human bones in the body! Using the video clips and activity sheet to name the bones in the body correctly and for some fun we have included an activity where you can make your own moving skeleton! (We'd love to see pictures!)

Topic :

For topic this Spring term we will be learning all about our local area which is Slough! To start of our topic we always begin with a KWL Grid so one of your tasks for the next couple of weeks is to fill in the first two columns (What I already know about Slough and What I would like to know about Slough!)

The next activity will require to use your map skills to find the cities in the UK! You can use Google Maps, a PDF copy of a UK Map below or a Map that you have at home! Challenge: Can you label Slough on your map? Slough is a town so what do you think the difference between a town and city is?

Finally see if you can map of your journey to school! Use the sketch map checklist to help you but you can include roads you have to walk down, buildings that you pass and key things you can see on your journey to school!

French, Music, Computing and Art:


In computing this term we are going to be learning about coding! Discovery espresso have a fantastic coding program which you can complete. There is clear step to step guides for each lesson and there are units to complete on the website and this will be throughout the Spring Term so you do not need to rush to complete them all! Try and complete a lesson once a week and use it as some fun after completing the other tasks!

To access the coding you just need to follow these instructions:

1. Go to and use the login

Username: student4890

Password: royal4 

2. Find the tab 'BLOCK CODING' at the top of the screen and find 'LEVEL 3.' 

3. You will then have to work through starting from the Refresher (levels 1-2)- Sequence and Animation then Conditional Events. 


Art: This half term we will be looking at 'Colour.' For the next two weeks have a go at creating your own colour wheel using primary and secondary colours! Label the colours whether they are primary or secondary colours and make a key of what colours they make if you mix them together!

You can also use your learning and knowledge of primary and secondary colours to create a landscape drawing of your local area! This could be an important part of your local area or a special building you could find there! For both activities you can use paint or just pencils and just have some fun!

Music: We will be learning the song 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Listen to this and see if you can sing along. Clap in time to the beat. How many beats are in each regular section of words. What do you think the meaning of the song is?

French: We are learning numbers 1-12 in French! Watch the video clips and have a go at either making your own bingo cards using the numbers in French which you can play with your family or playing a game of hopscotch recalling the numbers 1-12 in French as you play!


At SMFR for PSHE we use the SCARF programme. To incorporate PSHE within your remote learning, the SCARF programme have created units that  cover key concepts and outcomes within SCARF’s half-termly units and these activities are  to encourage children to think and reflect. These focus on positive themes and developed specifically to help build positive relationships in the home. These activities do not necessarily require lots of resources and their purpose are to promote discussion and provide safe PSHE activities to all children. 


The unit that we will be looking at this term is: Keeping Myself Safe.


Steps to accessing the SCARF activities:

  1. Follow the link and it will direct you to a quick overview page.
  2. You will then be directed to a page which has 4 links based on age appropriate activities (e.g. 7-9 years)
  3. This will be then direct you to a page filled with age appropriate activities including copies of worksheets which you can adapt, parent notes, discussion questions!

PE: Make sure you are keeping fit and active! Here are some fun websites and links to use to keep your PE going during lockdown!