We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

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Remote Learning Week 2 - 11.01.21


WALT: To answer comprehension questions about a text.

Read the story ‘Knights and Dragons, Unite!’ Answer each of the questions about the story in full sentences.


WALT: To plan a story using a story mountain

Using the story mountain template, you are going to create your own adventure story. You must set your story in the setting you described last week. You need to think about; your characters, what is going to be the problem (e.g. stuck inside a haunted house, lost on a day out) and how your characters are going to resolve the problem. Make your story imaginative and creative and think about the descriptive language techniques you can use (e.g. using your senses, adjectives and similes).


WALT: To create topics to debate about in school

Think about four topics which you might debate about in school with your classmates. For example; School uniforms should be banned - We should be in school for four days instead of five (with longer days). Use the mind-map to create some ideas and as a challenge write your own opinion about each topic (e.g. I agree… I disagree…)


WALT: To write a persuasive letter

Choose one of the topics from activity 3 and write a letter to the appropriate person – Mrs Eaglen / Sir / Madam. Explain why you are writing a letter to them, explain whether you are for or against the idea and explain your reasons for feeling this way (three or more reasons.)


In Maths this week we are working with data! This includes reading/interpreting and creating both tally charts and pictograms.


For phonics please continue to use 'Fast Phonics' on reading eggs on a daily basis, in addition to this, here are some very useful websites. - Parents free access to their resources, there are a huge collection of resources and games that we use in school regularly, to assist the children's phonics knowledge.

Lesley Clark Synthetic Phonics - on Facebook



Continuing on your work from last week on adverbs, specifically using adverbs involving "ly".


This week we are going to complete a 1960s timeline! Research each of the events that occurred throughout the 1960s and stick the pictures into the correct sections based on the year they happened.


Using your knowledge of data and graphs, complete the graph using your knowledge of habitats and answer the questions by interpreting the graph.


This term we are focusing on the question 'Should you wear religious symbols?' Have a look around your house or out around your local area if going for a walk, for any signs or symbols and think about what they mean and represent.



For computing this term, we would like you to log into Discovery Espresso using the link below and click on CODING - Block Coding - Start from Level 2 - Refresher (Level 1) and work your way through the program each week. It will given you a guide and examples of what to do for each activity/session.


Pop art is the use of a single image that has been used multiple times, with the same colours being used, but in different areas of the picture.

Choose a object to draw in each of the boxes (these can be something simple like an apple, or more complicated like a face) you can choose any object.

Once you have drawn the same image in each box, use a colour to colour in a piece of the image, then in the next box use the same colour to colour in a different part of the image.

The end result should be very vibrant and interesting to look at, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Keeping clean is very important, especially your teeth! Think about why it's so important and how we keep our teeth clean. What are your top tips?



Joe Wicks to the rescue! PE with Joe is back now that schools are once again closed to most pupils. In school we will be participating in some of these daily workouts and we encourage the children at home to do the same.


Boredom Buster Activity Cards -

21 Ways to get Fit in 2021 - 

60 Second Physical Activity Challenges -

YST Afterschool Club Weekdays 5pm

Go Noodle

Yoga with Adriene - 

Cosmic Yoga -

Change for Life -

Dan The Skipping Man -