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Remote Learning Week 3 - 18.01.21

Weekly Update!

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Find out more about our Cultural Diversity Week and view the contributions so far, by clicking on the link below.


This week we are going to be looking at the story of 'The Tunnel'.

Lesson 1 - Discuss the Tunnel and predict what the book without reading it.

Lesson 2 - Think about the choice Rose is facing, write a list of reasons for going through the tunnel and a list of reasons not to go through.

Lesson 3 -  Read/Listen to the story up to where Rose goes through the tunnel. Predict what might happen next and how the story will end.

Lesson 4 - Using your work from yesterday, choose one of the scenarios and create your own version of what happens when she goes through the tunnel.

Lesson 5 - Read/Listen to the rest of the story. Describe the setting on the other side of the tunnel using exciting adjectives and similes. Use the senses, what can Rose see? What she hear? What could she smell? Remember to write in full sentences and use a wide variety of sentence starters. Don't start multiple sentences with She/Rose.


The Tunnel - Audiobook -




In Maths this week, we will be completing our work on statistics using block graphs and working on 2D/3D shapes.

Lesson 1 - To complete and interpret block graphs

Lesson 2 - To identify 2D and 3D Shapes.

Lesson 3 - To identify the sides on 2D shapes.

Lesson 4 - To identify the vertices on 2D shapes.

Lesson 5 - To accurately draw 2D shapes.


For phonics please continue to use 'Fast Phonics' on reading eggs on a daily basis, in addition to this, here are some very useful websites. - Parents free access to their resources, there are a huge collection of resources and games that we use in school regularly, to assist the children's phonics knowledge.

Lesley Clark Synthetic Phonics - on Facebook


This week you will be writing sentences using verbs and identifying contractions (two words that are merged into one e.g. I have = I've)


This week you are going to be newspaper reporters and report on the events that took pleace in the 1960s. Read the fact sheets and change the information to form full sentences to complete a newspaper article.


This week you are going to be detectives! You're going to be hunting for minihabitats. You can look for these in your garden, if you don't have one, you can look in your local area while out on a walk during your exercise.


Symbols mean different things to different people. Some religions have symbols that have great importance to their faith. Explain what these Jewish symbols are and what they are for.


For computing this term, we would like you to log into Discovery Espresso using the link below and click on CODING - Block Coding - Start from Level 2 - Refresher (Level 1) and work your way through the program each week. It will given you a guide and examples of what to do for each activity/session.


In the 1960s homes were decorated very differently compared to today. The wallpaper that was used were filled with patterns and colour.....your task this week is to recreate that style.


Discuss with a family member what our body needs to operate. Why do we eat? Do we need sleep? If so, what for? This week you will be completing a number of activities and will observe how you body reacts to completing these activities. Check your heart rate before and after you have completed all the activities. You can then draw yourself during each activity.


Joe Wicks to the rescue! PE with Joe is back now that schools are once again closed to most pupils. In school we will be participating in some of these daily workouts and we encourage the children at home to do the same.


Below are some Panathlon sporting challenges for you to try.


Boredom Buster Activity Cards -

21 Ways to get Fit in 2021 - 

60 Second Physical Activity Challenges -

YST Afterschool Club Weekdays 5pm

Go Noodle

Yoga with Adriene - 

Cosmic Yoga -

Change for Life -

Dan The Skipping Man -