We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

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Remote Learning Week 5 - 1.02.21

Weekly Update!

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In English this week you will be writing your own adventure story. Each adventure story should be unique, interesting, have a journey for the main character to go on, a problem they must overcome and a solution to how the problem was resolved.

Monday - WALT: To create a text map of the tunnel (phrases and pictures to tell the story)

Tuesday - WALT: To plan my own adventure story.

Wednesday/Thursday - WALT: To draft my own adventure story. (in "rough")

Thursday/Friday - WALT: To write my own adventure story with edits and improvements.


In Maths this week you will be continuing your work on shape and will then transition from shapes into fractions! Remember with fractions, all sides/groups must be equal! There is no such thing as a "bigger half" because if one part is bigger than the other, it's not a half then, because they aren't equal. 


As per the email from two weeks ago please remember that these sheets are differentiated so you don't need to complete all of them. Only one varied fluency and one problem solving/reasoning for each day. (If your child has completed their daily lessons and they wish to do more, let them at it! lol) This also applies to the SPaG activities.


Red star sheet - developing (lower challenge )

Blue star sheet - expected (medium challenge)

Gold star sheet -  greater depth (highest challenge)


For phonics please continue to use 'Fast Phonics' on reading eggs on a daily basis, in addition to this, here are some very useful websites. - Parents free access to their resources, there are a huge collection of resources and games that we use in school regularly, to assist the children's phonics knowledge.

Lesley Clark Synthetic Phonics - on Facebook


Below are some phonics based activities, use your phonics knowledge, along with the specific sound used in each activity to complete the challenge.


This week in SPaG we are going to work on plurals and possessive language. Identifying whether a word represents a plural (more than one object) or if it shows that something belongs to someone.


This week's Topic lesson is all about TOYS! Something that I know all too well. You have been given a set of toys to group into a venn diagram. Some toys were around in the 60's but aren't made anymore, some toys are modern and weren't around in the 60's and some toys were made/around in the 60s that are still being made/used today! If you are struggling with this one you can of course use the internet to research each toy to find the answer.


This week you are going on a material hunt! Go around your home look at different objects, using the task sheet, identify what the object is, draw a picture of it and list what material it is made out of(an object may be made out of more than one material). Try to find objects that use different materials.


While we are in a new year and we made it through 2020, so far 2021 doesn't feel all that different. We will continue to push through, do our best and come out of it as better people. What could you do during this time to become a better people? Is there something that your parents tell you to do all the time, yet you still don't do it? (I KNOW that there iswink) Is there something extra that you could do to help out someone else? Do you have a bad habit that you could try to stop? What would your new year's resolution be? Obviously it doesn't have to be anything to do with school.


For computing this term, we would like you to log into Discovery Espresso using the link below and click on CODING - Block Coding - Start from Level 2 - Refresher (Level 1) and work your way through the program each week. It will given you a guide and examples of what to do for each activity/session. When completing the coding activities, if you could send me some photos of you doing the activity that would be amazing!



With us finishing up our work on The Tunnel this week, I would like you to create your own artist front cover! Now this can either be for The Tunnel or it can be your favourite book that you've read. Remember to make sure that it's interesting, that it doesn't give the story away and of course that it actually has the title of the book!


Safety is very important, but even when we are doing normal activities that we do everyday, there may be some elements of danger. Discuss each of these activities with a family member. Discuss how safe or unsafe it would make you feel. both you and your family member then write a number in each box (in different colours) representing how safe you would feel from 1 to 10 

1 = the most safe you could possibly feel

10 = the most unsafe you could possibly feel


We will be learning the song Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. Listen to this and see if you can sing along. Clap in time to the beat. How many beats are in each regular section of words? Can you keep up with the faster sections?


Joe Wicks to the rescue! PE with Joe is back now that schools are once again closed to most pupils. In school we will be participating in some of these workouts and we encourage the children at home to do the same.


Cosmic Yoga -


*Physical Activity Bingo -


*Wonder Woman resource cards (home and school versions)


*Teach Active -


*imoves -


*Panathlon - 


*Playwaze, our new space for County Virtual Challenges - Challenges launched so far include: Juggling Challenge, Passing Challenge, Speed Dribble Challenge, Standing Long Jump Challenge and toe taps. Register for free here: