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Remote Learning Week 7 WB 22/02/21

Hello Year 3 and welcome to Week 7!


We hope you had a lovely half term and got up to lots of fun activities! We hope you had a nice restful break and ready to start the next half term with a positive attitude! We were so impressed by the work from last half term and so we want you to keep this up! You have made us all so very proud and you all deserve lots and lots of gem cards! Check out the short video messages from us this week to see what we have been up to and who are our superstars for the week!


Don't forget to please send us any of your work that you complete to our email addresses, and please make sure you are logging onto Reading Eggs and Times Table Rockstars and completing the activities! 

If you have any questions or queries, please do email us as we will be able to respond and provide assistance for the activities we have set! 


Check out some messages from some familiar faces!

A message from Miss Wicks!

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A message from Miss Gordon!

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We are continuing with our  topic this week in Maths which is Addition and Subtraction. For each day you will find a Varied Fluency sheet and a Problem Solving and Reasoning sheet. These sheets are differentiated so you do not need to complete all of them. Just select one Varied fluency and one problem solving and reasoning for each day. 


To help you choose what sheet your child needs here is a guide to what each level means:

A red star sheet= developing (challenge level is easier)

A blue star sheet= expected (this is the level we are expecting in Year 3)

A gold star sheet= greater depth (mastery level and this is challenging)


Each day you can use the White Rose Maths link to find the corresponding video. This gives you examples of the questions and helps to explain what you need to do. To find the video, follow the link provided and then look for the video which has the same title as your worksheet.

There are also Oak Academy videos to watch which is also to help support your child. Example questions have also been put together on a weekly copy of the PowerPoint slides to practice before completing the 2 sheets for each day. 


For this week we are continuing to look at a topic 'Poetry!' We will be writing our very own poems based on the poem 'When I grow up I want to be...' You will read this poem, reflect on your favourite stanza and think about 3 jobs you would like to do when you are older and make them into stanzas of your poem! If you are struggling with any of the tasks or just want to learn more about poetry just click on the star below as you will find some really interesting videos!


You will also find a SPaG activity and relevant PowerPoint Slides. These sheets are similar to Maths where you have a varied fluency and application and reasoning. These are differentiated so you need to select which level you want to try for varied fluency and Application and Reasoning!

Reading Comprehension:

Each week we will set 2 different reading comprehension challenges for you to complete at home. Spend 10-15 minutes reading the text and then answer the questions. Read what the question is asking you are try your very best! 


We have also included a new series where famous celebrities read an extract from their favourite children's book! We will include a new episode each week to listen to!


Having seen what a Passover meal looks like from reading the fact sheets and PowerPoint Slides, your task is to design a meal for a special occasion of your choice. Think about what ingredients you might choose and the special meaning behind them. Draw and label each ingredient in your meal and then understand write a description of why you chose each ingredient and what is represents

What is Passover? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Judaism


Use the description help sheet to create some notes about typical jobs in Slough in 1890. You need to draw a picture the jobs you would find people doing in Slough in 1890 and then answer in full sentences describing what you think those jobs might have been like and how these compare to jobs in Slough in 2020.


Task 1: Like the first lesson in our last science topic, complete the KWL grid about everything you already know and want to know about Plants! Complete the first two columns and think about; What do you know plants need to grow, do you know any names of plants or are there any fun facts you know?

Task 2: Go outside on a walk or into the garden and look out for different types of plants. From your observations choose one plant that you saw and try and sketch it out! Make sure you think about adding lots of details and answer the challenge questions in full sentences!


To kick start our DT project called ‘Brilliant Bridges’ you will need to find out about and discover different bridges from around the world. Using the fact sheets provided, choose 5 of the bridges and complete the table writing in the correct information!

Challenge- Can you research about a different bridge to add information about into the table?

Top 10 Most Famous Bridges


At SMFR for PSHE we use the SCARF programme. To incorporate PSHE within your remote learning, the SCARF programme have created units that  cover key concepts and outcomes within SCARF’s half-termly units and these activities are  to encourage children to think and reflect. These focus on positive themes and developed specifically to help build positive relationships in the home. These activities do not necessarily require lots of resources and their purpose are to promote discussion and provide safe PSHE activities to all children. 


Your task: Take a look at the Eat Well Plate on the class page for more information about what a balanced diet is. For this week choose a day to complete a food diary. Once you’ve done this you should answer the challenge questions and reflect on your choices with a family member.


Take a look at the Eat Well Plate on the class page for more information about what a balanced diet is. For this week choose a day to complete a food diary. Once you’ve done this you should answer the challenge questions and reflect on your choices with a family member.


Send in some photographs of any healthy food choices or meals you have had during this activity!

French and Music:



 WALT: To make and play a cutlery glockenspiel 

Use the Oak Academy Lesson to have a go at making a cutlery glockenspiel! Send in any pictures or videos to your class teacher of your amazing creations! Make sure to complete this activity with an adult as you are using different pieces of cutlery 

Glockenspiel : Instrument Introduction : JAMaROO Kids


For this lesson we will be looking at learning the names of the month in French!


Task 1: Look at the words for the names of the months in French on the worksheet. Have a go at pronouncing these with your family and practice writing them down. You could create your own flashcards to help with your learning!

Task 2: Complete the word search and see if you can find the words for the names of the months in French!

Les mois de l'année - alain le lait (French months of the year)



In computing this term we are going to be learning about coding! Discovery espresso have a fantastic coding program which you can complete. There is clear step to step guides for each lesson and there are units to complete on the website and this will be throughout the Spring Term so you do not need to rush to complete them all! Try and complete a lesson once a week and use it as some fun after completing the other tasks!

To access the coding you just need to follow these instructions:

1. Go to and use the login

Username: student4890

Password: royal4 

2. Find the tab 'BLOCK CODING' at the top of the screen and find 'LEVEL 3.' 

3. You will then have to work through starting from the Refresher (levels 1-2)- Sequence and Animation then Conditional Events. 


Sport England Join the Movement - ​Lots of suggestions for families to try at home.


BBC Supermovers KS1 & 2 - ​


*Topsportsability - To support and engage young people with SEND. To sign up for free follow the link above and when asked for County Code, please use YSTINCLUSION5.


Also check out some really useful KS1 resources for Health & Well Being


Plus some curriculum-linked activity sheets for PE, PA, Healthy eating & Well being too