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Remote Learning Week 8 - 1.03.21

Final Weekly Update!

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Your reading assignment for Reading Eggs this week is to entry the story writing competition in the Story Factory section of the website!


This week you will be working on 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl!

Monday - WALT: To ready the story of 'The Magic Finger'.

Tuesday - WALT: To sequence a story. - Retell The Magic Finger story using simple sentences.

Wednesday - WALT: To write a letter of apology. - Pretend that you are the Gregg family and write a letter of apology to the ducks, apologising for what you did to them.

Thursday -  WALT: To plan a story. - Plan your own story based on The Magic Finger, with your own characters, your own magical events and a mean activity that the awful characters in your story keep doing.

Friday - WALT: To write a story. -Write your own Magic Finger Story, using a range of sentence starters, exciting adjectives, interesting similes, correct punctuation and conjunctions to effectively join your ideas.




This week you will be focusing on your measuring skills, this will be focused on length/height measuring in cm and m.


For phonics please continue to use 'Fast Phonics' on reading eggs on a daily basis, in addition to this, here are some very useful websites. - Parents free access to their resources, there are a huge collection of resources and games that we use in school regularly, to assist the children's phonics knowledge.

Lesley Clark Synthetic Phonics - on Facebook


Below are some phonics based activities, use your phonics knowledge, along with the specific sound used in each activity to complete the challenge.


This week in SPaG the focus will be on identifying statements, these are "normal" sentences rather than questions, exclamations or commands.


This week you will be looking at and comparing houses in the 1960's to modern houses. Spot the difference between the two images and explain what they are.


This week you will be choosing suitable materials to make specific objects and explaining why the material you've chosen is suitable for that purpose. For example, to make a window, the main material you would use is glass, as it is transparent and allows you to see out of it which is one of the main purposes of a window.  Once done, complete the concept cartoons below, write different ideas / thoughts that you have about the scenario, circle the ones that are true.


This week you will be studying the story of the Sikh New Year - Vaisakhi, read through the story and complete the quiz at the end.


For computing this term, we would like you to log into Discovery Espresso using the link below and click on CODING - Block Coding - Start from Level 2 - Refresher (Level 1) and work your way through the program each week. It will given you a guide and examples of what to do for each activity/session. When completing the coding activities, if you could send me some photos of you doing the activity that would be amazing!

Username: student4890

Password: royal4 


This week you are going to be working on pop art explosions, these are bright, colourful pieces. Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Explosion- Using the resources like the PowerPoint and pictures children can create their own pop art explosion (e.g. BANG!) 



This week is all about emotions. Read through the story Sam Moves Away. Discuss how you would feel if you were Harold at different points throughout the story. Draw a picture of you when someone has gone away that you cared about, use vocabulary to describe how you felt, then draw yourself either when you have seen someone who you haven't seen in a long time or when you've met a new friend.


We will be learning the song Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. Listen to this and see if you can sing along. Clap in time to the beat. How many beats are in each regular section of words? Can you keep up with the faster sections?


Joe Wicks to the rescue! PE with Joe is back now that schools are once again closed to most pupils. In school we will be participating in some of these workouts and we encourage the children at home to do the same.


Cosmic Yoga -

Sport England Join the Movement - ‚ÄčLots of suggestions for families to try at home.


BBC Supermovers KS1 & 2 - ‚Äč


Topsportsability - To support and engage young people with SEND. To sign up for free follow the link above and when asked for County Code, please use YSTINCLUSION5.


Also check out some really useful Reception and KS1 resources for Health & Well Being


Plus some curriculum-linked activity sheets for PE, PA, Healthy eating & Well being too