School reopens for Years 1 -6 Thursday 3rd September

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September 2020

September 2020, Information for Parents


In accordance with the Government guidelines it is our intent to implement the following.

These arrangements are subject to change in line with Government guidelines and we will update parents accordingly


Updated: 9th July 2020


During the summer term we  successfully managed to bring back over a third of the school. However considerable consideration has to be made for September when we will triple the number of children and parents. It is important parents keep themselves up to date with school plans, which are likely to change according to guidance.


All children are expected to attend and normal absence procedures apply

When do children start?

Year 1-6 Children will return to school Thursday 3rd September

  • Tuesday 1st September & Wednesday 2nd September will remain as INSET Days (No children)

  • Induction for Reception & Nursery children will start from Monday 7th September

Drop off & Collection

We all know how busy it can get at drop off and collection and so we have carefully looked at the best option for our school based on numbers, entrance and exits, school structure safety etc…


Whilst convenience has also been a consideration you will appreciate that this is not our highest priority. The Government continue to support schools in making the best decision for their school and ask parents and their employers to be supportive.


We have decided to split the school in to two groups to enable two differ collection and drop off times. We have created the groups based on whether children have siblings, at SMFR, or not. This will prevent congestion if parents are waiting for more than one child to exit




Children WITH siblings (attending SMFR) -

8:30- 8:50am

3:00 – 3:20pm

Children WITHOUT siblings (attending SMFR) -

8:50- 9:10am

3:20pm – 3:40pm

  • We cannot offer a choice of time
  • We will return to normal times as soon as it is safe to do so


Drop Off

 All children via main gate

Children go straight to classroom (no playground time before school)

One-way system for parents, 2 m distancing at all times, patience required

No entry for parents to classroom

No kiss and drop car service

Parents are asked to be courteous and kind as we do not have the staff capacity to police the road



2 m distancing at all times, patience required

No entry for parents to classroom

Parents are asked to be courteous and kind as we do not have the staff capacity to police the road


Collection points

Years N - 3

Parents collect from classroom/playground doors.

Staff member on main gate

Years 5 & 6

Parents collect from Year 6 gates,

Staff member radios to call children from class

Year 4

Parents collect from car park exit door

Staff member radios to call children from class

Transition to New Classes

Year 1 – 6 Children will start school in their 2019-2020 classes. In the absence of ‘normal Summer term transition’, this will offer security and familiarity for all children. Children will move to new 2020-2021 classes over the first week. 

School Lunches

To maintain ‘class bubbles’ all children will eat lunch in their classrooms. School can provide lunch, Week beginning 31st August, 7th September and 14th September. The application deadline for this is 15th July. If you have not applied for a lunch, then you need to send your child with a packed lunch. Normal payment applies.


Normal attendance procedures will apply. Children are expected to attend full time. If children are absent, parents are expected to inform the office


As from September uniform will be expected. If you have any difficulties then we will be happy to support, please email the office.

Seating Arrangements & Classroom Set Up

Tables and chairs have been set up in rows so that no pupils are facing each other

Resources are limited and/or removed from rooms

Where resources need to be shared, regular cleaning in place

Social Distancing

The school will continue to encourage social distancing in line with Government guidance. The School recognises that in class children will be closer than 2m. However, guidance states adults should maintain 2 metre distance from each other, and from children.

Parents should adhere to this at drop off and collection.

Large Gatherings

Whole school assemblies, church services etc will not take place until further notice. Classes will have allocated outdoor slots for break and lunch, to prevent the whole school being together at once. Assemblies will take place in class


Initially staff will be focusing on wellbeing and settling children back in to a  school routine. They will quickly complete baseline assessments with children and use this to inform lessons, which will focus on key skills and knowledge.


SATs will not take place until Summer 2021


It is still recommended that pupils limit the amount of equipment they bring into school each day. Only essentials are allowed:

  • lunch boxes
  • water bottles
  • hats
  • coats
  • a reading book
  • a bag
  • PE kits

We still cannot allow:


Bikes & scooters. We do not currently have the storage space available as we have had to remove resources from classrooms


Work completed at homePlease email work to the office or await further instruction as to when it is safe to bring work to school

Tree Tops

We intend to open Tree Tops (before and after school club) from week beginning 7th September

  • If you your child has not previously attend but you would like a place, please email for an application pack

Access to School Site

We will not be encouraging visitors to the school. All parents & visitors will need a prior appointment. Email will remain the best way to communicate with staff/school as parents will not be allowed in to classrooms.

Communication with Staff

  • Parents will NOT be able to enter school to see staff
  • Please email the office any messages for staff
  • We cannot accept paper copies of messages,  or home school communication books, or work completed at home at this time.
  • Staff on duty will be supervising children, they will be unable to manage messages

Trips & Visits

Will not take place until further notice


School are being encouraged to spend as much time outside as possible. Please make sure you have applied sun cream on hot days. Staff cannot apply this.


Staff PPE

It has been recommended that staff do not wear PPE accept for when in close contact or caring for children with symptoms. SMFR has however provided cloth face masks for staff, for use in some situations where increased social interaction is necessary. E.g; opening , closing times, meetings. Staff will not be wearing PPE in class.

Preparing Your Child


Children will be returning to a very different school, to the one they left i: 


Classrooms will be set up in a different way from what the children have been used to.  Where possible, resources have been removed from classrooms & desks have been reorganised. Children will be allocated their own table and resources in the classroom. 


Please talk to your children about social distancing – we know many of your children like to hug their teachers or give them a high five – as much as we will welcome your children back with open arms, we will need to avoid as much physical contact as possible to keep everyone safe.  


Please support us in sharing these  additional rules with your children (as appropriate), so they come to the school setting, with a clear understanding of the changes.


Behaviour expectations:

  • Pupils are expected to following instructions relating to distancing.
  • In the classroom: expectations, seating plans and walking routes.
  • Corridors- walking is to be kept to the left, following visual arrows or following one-way systems
  • At break and lunchtimes – following seating and play instructions
  • Pupils are expected to following government guidelines
  • Pupils will be supported to understand the routines and parents notified of concerns
  • Purposely spitting, biting, coughing, invading space etc is not acceptable and parents will be called advising them of next steps following principles as laid out in the main policy

Why We Can't Hug


A lovely video to use as a starting point for a discussion around social distancing. Particularly suitable for younger children

Children Showing Symptoms

Children showing any symptoms of the virus should not attend and will be sent home:

  • High temperature
  • Coughing
  • Loss of taste
  • Loss of smell

What will happen if someone becomes ill?


We must all still follow Government guidelines, if anyone develops a new continuous cough or a high temperature or if someone in your household becomes ill, it is still very important that you self-isolate for 7 days and everyone else in the household self isolates for 14 days.


If a child becomes ill in school, the following will be put in place:


  1. Child will be kept in a safe place with a member of staff wearing PPE.
  2. You will be called and asked to collect your child immediately.
  3. You will need to book an appointment to have your child tested.
  4. You will need to share those results as soon as possible with school, even if this is at a weekend.
  5. If the test comes back negative, the child may return to school when they feel well enough.
  6. If the test comes back positive, all children and adults who have been in the same classroom as that child will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days. (This is why keeping children in their own cohort groups throughout the week is extremely important.)


Be Kind

As we reopen under these extraordinary circumstances it is important to remember that everyone, children, staff and parents have faced challenging and distressing times. Everyone is doing their best.