After-school clubs re-start this week and there are still some places available in some clubs. You can check this through the school gateway.

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Starting School

Starting school in Nursery or Reception is a important life event for the whole family!


Support your child to be school ready


Did you know?

Without mastering gross motor (big) movements such as climbing/ riding a bike/ scribbling on big paper, children will find writing more challenging.  Encourage children to draw big pictures on the pavement, big paper or even chalk boards


Did you know?

If a child knows 8 Nursery Rhymes by heart by the time they are 4, they are usually amongst the top readers by the time they are 8. Use nursery rhymes at home, in the car, everywhere you go!


Did you know?

Less than half of reception parents read to their children at bedtime. It is so important to read to or with your child every night up to the age of 11. Benefits of this include:

  • Good bonding time
  • Improve child’s reading skills
  • Sparks imagination
  • Creates conversation
  • Makes a routine for your child’s sleep
  • Expands your child’s vocabulary
  • Improves your child’s emotional intelligence
  • Encourages independent reading
  • Improves mental wellbeing
  • Helps you both relax and unwind

At SMFR we would love it if parents could read to all of their children at bedtime.