Thank you to all parents that attended Parent's Evening consultations this week. It was brilliant to be able to share all the great things your children are doing!

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Support for Children

Pastoral Support for Children

"Sometimes it can feel like the scariest of things to ask for help but it is always the right thing to do!"   

There are times when we all need a little help.  Maybe we just need a chance to talk or just to be able to share with someone how we feel.  Or maybe we want somebody to help us solve an issue that has been worrying us or that we have been thinking about for a while.  This is where our Pastoral Support Team can be there to support or help you or a member of your family. All the adults at school are part of the Pastoral Support Team.


Mr Farmer is the Pastoral Support Leader (PSL) and he is there to support YOU or your FAMILY in any way he can. 

Email -          Tel – 01753644471        Put a worry in a worry box or come and see him.


If there is a time you feel you need to talk or share how you feel or have been worrying about something to do with you, a friend or a member of your family then there are lots of ways you can ask for support from us all here at school:


Talk to your teacher or Mr Farmer

Put a worry in your class worry box. (put your name on it)

Email Mr Farmer if you would rather.   (

Talk with a member of your family if you can.