We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

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Week 2 Remote Learning Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Hello Year 6 and welcome to Week 2.  

We hope you had a great weekend and are now ready for Week 2 of remote learning. 

It was lovely to receive your work last week, and we have to say, we were very impressed.  It certainly bought a smile to our faces.  We could clearly see how hard you are working at home and the effort you are putting in to continue to do well.  We are so incredibly proud of you and how quickly you have adapted.  We hope you didn't find any of the tasks too tricky, but remember, we are here for you if you are struggling, whether it be with the content or just finding it hard to adapt to this way of learning.  Please let us know how you are doing.


Below you will find this week's learning.  We look forward to receiving your work and will email back with any feedback and of course to celebrate your achievements.


If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, send us an email and we will get back to you and try to answer your questions as best we can.


We hope you are all ok and staying safe and strong.


Miss Bailey and Mrs Daywan


We are going to be studying the book 'Running on Empty' by S. E. Durrant.  This is the story of a young boy who has a passion for running.  His life isn't easy, and he suffers some hard life lessons but with great will, strength and determination he picks himself up and carries on and makes the most of life.  The love he shares with his family is so endearing, and gives us all hope that it doesn't matter how hard life is, and how hard things get, as long as you stick together, you can get through anything.

This week we will be linking his passion for running with what we know and enjoy and will be writing about the great moment when Usain Bolt won gold at the Olympics.

We have included the PowerPoint for the week, broken down in to days, and Chapter 1 for you to read.  There is also the web link to the Olympics for you to watch when you write your narrative.


We hope you enjoy your writing tasks this week! laugh 


Last week was our first week of remote learning.  We know that you didn't have a full week as Monday was an inset day.  So this week we have included 4 days of learning in order to give you Monday to complete some of the sheets that you didn't complete last week.

This week our focus continues to be decimals.  This week we will be learning how to multiply and divide.

You can choose which sheet you start with each day.  Try and get further than the first sheet.  Have faith in yourselves and your abilities because we know you can do it!

Resources - Times Tables up to 12 x 12


Read, Read, Read, everyday!

ReadingEggspress Activity - login to Reading Eggspress and your activity will be ready for you to start.  This needs to be completed between the 11th and the 18th January.


You can read any book; however, you may like to read:

  • Running on Empty by S. E. Durrant
  • The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Rauf
  • Holes by Louis Sachar

The Percy Jackson collection by Rick Riordan


We are going to practice identifying and using determiners.  Below is a link to a live lesson all about determiners.  Watch the clip and carry out the the activities.  You will also find worksheets for you to practice identifying and using determiners as well as prepositions and conjunctions within sentences.  You are confident with these, just remember for a preposition the clue is in the name 'pre position'  You don't have to watch the clip and complete the worksheets during one lesson.  You may want to watch the clip on one day and do the worksheets on a different day.

Let's start by taking a quick quiz on Grammar Monster to see how confident you are.  Click the link below to start.

It will start by explaining what a determiner is.  Scroll down and click on 'Take a quick quiz' at

It you carry on scrolling down, it gives you lot's more information on determiners.

Worksheets for Determiners, conjunctions and prepositions

Science - The Circulatory System

In Year 3 and 4 you learned about the Systems of the body, including the our muscles and skeletal system.  The next part of your learning journey is learning all about the Circulatory System.  You will learn all about the function of our hearts and blood  and how nutrients and water travel through our bodies.  You will also learn about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy.  

There is a PowerPoint and activities for you to complete.  We also added an extra optional challenge should you choose to accept it.... surprise

To learn the spelling of 10 words associated with the Circulatory System.  You will find these on the final page of the Power Point.


Over the next few weeks we will be considering the question, 'Do clothes express belief'.  This week we are looking at the 5 K's and considering the impact on Sikh's lives.  Therefore, we would like you to carry out your own research task.

The PowerPoint explains the task and what you need to do.  It also has a web link that you will need to watch to help you.  If you have any problems please let us know.  

RE Power Point - The 5 K's


Last week we set you a task, linking it to English, that we thought would be a bit of fun and get you excited for learning about Crime and punishment.

This week we would like to know what you already know about Crime and Punishment and what you would like to know.  

Historically, the punishments for crimes, even crimes that we would class as minor crimes today, were extremely harsh.  Hopefully, you would have learned a little about that from your task last week comparing the punishment of theft today to that of the Roman era.  This will help you a little in completing your KWL grid.  Some of the punishments were quite gruesome, and we want you to have your say when considering what you learn so make sure you give great consideration to this when completing this section of the grid.  

We hope you enjoy your learning journey.


Below is a link to the PSHE scheme that we follow at school.  You will find a set of activities that you can carry out at home, either with someone else or independently.  You don't need to do all four activities in the first week, you can do one or as many as you like.


Activity 1

Activity 1 - Collaboration challenge!

We know you will really enjoy this one.  For this one, you need to work as  a team to make the tallest tower you can from six sheets of newspaper (more if you're using a magazine).  Sound like fun?  It does to us too.  However, there is a twist...

You will need help to make it; it could be with a brother or a sister, or even mum or dad, parent/carer.  Sounds easy so far doesn't it?  However, this may be the hard part.  The challenge is to do this without any disagreements or falling out. So you have to negotiate - that means explaining how you think you should make your tower and finding polite ways of putting your ideas forward.

Let us know how you got on.  Did it feel easy or was it tricky? Were you frustrated at any time? Most importantly, what did you learn from it?  How can you overcome frustration and work as a team?

We would love to see pictures of the towers you built and how tall you managed to build it.  Can you measure it?  Let us know how tall yours is and we will see who in the class managed to build the tallest tower.


Click on the link to see the other activities!