We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

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Week 3 - Remote Learning - Week beginning 18th January

A message from Mr Spezialetti - Monday 18th January

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Every Monday, the Year 5 teachers will upload a short video message just to touch base, say hello and give a short summary of the upcoming activities! The video above is from Mr Spezialetti, therefore next week's video will be from Miss Weightman; the videos will alternate each week!

Year 5, you are doing incredibly well with your remote learning - well done! Mr Spezialetti and Miss Weightman are very proud of you. Please make sure you're doing your Reading Eggs and Times Table Rockstars activities!

Find out more about our Cultural Diversity Week and view the contributions so far, by clicking on the link below.

Reading Eggspress



We all know how important it is to keep moving and exercise regularly.  We know how hard that is at the moment but we don't want you to stop moving for too long so here is a list of websites you can use to get your heart pumping, your body moving and your brain working.  You don't have to do them all every day; you only have to choose one.

Don't forget  Joe Wicks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Please send us some pictures of how you are keeping active at home - you could be riding your bike, hula hooping, jumping on the trampoline or simply doing something from one of the web links below.  Whatever it is you are doing, we would love to see it.


Boredom Buster Activity Cards -

21 Ways to get Fit in 2021 - 

60 Second Physical Activity Challenges -

YST Afterschool Club Weekdays 5pm

Go Noodle

Yoga with Adriene - 

Cosmic Yoga -

Change for Life -

Dan The Skipping Man -



Activity 1 - Collaboration challenge!

We know you will really enjoy this one.  For this one, you need to work as  a team to make the tallest tower you can from six sheets of newspaper (more if you're using a magazine).  Sound like fun?  It does to us too.  However, there is a twist...

You will need help to make it; it could be with a brother or a sister, or even mum or dad, parent/carer.  Sounds easy so far doesn't it?  However, this may be the hard part.  The challenge is to do this without any disagreements or falling out. So you have to negotiate - that means explaining how you think you should make your tower and finding polite ways of putting your ideas forward.

Let us know how you got on.  Did it feel easy or was it tricky? Were you frustrated at any time? Most importantly, what did you learn from it?  How can you overcome frustration and work as a team?

We would love to see pictures of the towers you built and how tall you managed to build it.  Can you measure it?  Let us know how tall yours is and we will see who in the class managed to build the tallest tower.