We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

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Week 3 Remote Learning Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Hi Year 6!

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Find out more about our Cultural Diversity Week and view the contributions so far, by clicking on the link below.





Read, Read, Read, everyday!

ReadingEggspress Activity - login to Reading Eggspress and your activity will be ready for you to start.  This needs to be completed between the 18th and the 25th January.


You can read any book; however, you may like to read:

  • Running on Empty by S. E. Durrant
  • The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Rauf
  • Holes by Louis Sachar
  • The Percy Jackson collection by Rick Riordan


Walt:  Understand model verbs and how to use them accurately within our writing.  


Model verbs are verbs that indicate likelihood, ability, permission or obligation.

Words like: can/could, may/might, will/would, shall/should and must.

Watch the BBC Bitesize clips and then you should complete the activities.  See how I have used a model verb there to indicate the expectation wink.  Clever isn't it!

OPTIONAL Extension - Model Verb Worksheet


Walt: To identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood


There is lots to learn about the Circulatory System but we will make it as fun and interactive as we can whilst you are at home.  

This week we are learning about the function of the heart.  Work your way through the Power Point carrying out any activities you need to.  Your final task will be to write an information text about how the heart works.  We have included lot's of resources and website links that will help you.

We have also included some fun activities that you might like to try out at some point during the week.  We would love to see pictures of your learning and you doing the fun activities if you choose to.

How Your Heart Works? - The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Videos For Kids | Peekaboo Kidz

Hey Kids, we all know the heart is a very important organ in our body. But, do you know how it works? Dr. Binocs is here to explain your heart in a simple way how it works

How Your Heart Works

Watch this movie about your heart and circulation - the system that sends blood throughout your body.


Walt: To act out a news interview drawing on our knowledge of one of the 5k’s


Last week you started to understand the 5k's in Sikhism - what they were and their meanings.  This week you are going to use your research to carry out a news interview sharing your knowledge of the 5K you researched.

Hopefully, this will be a fun and interactive way, sharing with your family and us, what you have learned so far.  We hope you have fun.

Computing This Term!

Who fancies earning BIG MONEY when they are older?   Well apparently the money is going to be in coding! Anyone with coding skills is going to be in big demand.  So let's get going with the Coding! 

Using the Espresso / Discovery website you can still complete the coding unit we would have been doing in school.   Click on the link below and login  (student4890  royal4)


Over the next few weeks, try to complete the Level 6 unit.

You have to click on Block coding and Learn to see all the levels.


In Level 6, complete the refresher first, then the complex variables and then the 'Object Properties' sections.   There are video guides to help you so if at any point you get stuck or forget, have another look at the refresher section.  


If you complete all this then why not try applying your skills to the Hour of Code and earn yourself some certificates for coding skills.  All you have to do is go on to the website and click on 'Try It'.  You will have lot's of fun whilst learning!


Walt: Understand how the legal system worked in Anglo-Saxon Britain


Last week we started our topic on Crime and Punishment.  You identified some of the differences between punishments received now to those received in parts of history.  

This week we are going to understand how the legal system worked in Anglo-Saxon Britain.  

HORRIBLE HISTORIES - Anglo Saxon Ordeals

Ever wondered how the Anglo-Saxons decided if someone was guilty or innocent of a crime? Watch this clip to find out!


Respectful relationships

Having friends is so important for all of us.  Our friends are there for us, listen when we need someone to talk to and are honest when they give advise.  What do you think makes a good friend? 

Start by making a list of all the things that make a good friend (e.g. helpful, kind)

Find a recipe for a cake - try BBC Good Food online or a recipe book if you have one.

Write a recipe for friendship, using recipe-writing language, e.g. 200g of kindness, 100g of thoughtfulness, two tablespoons of humour - you get the idea!

You could draw a picture of a cake and write the recipe on top of it, or each layer of your cake could be a different ingredient - bottom layer - 200g of kindness, next layer, 100g of thoughtfulness etc.

If you don't like the idea of creating a 'Good Friend' cake, click on the link below and you can complete the activity sheet, 'What makes a good friend?'  You can choose which one you would like to do.  Miss Bailey loves cake though wink.



We all know how important it is to keep moving and exercise regularly.  We know how hard that is at the moment but we don't want you to stop moving for too long so here is a list of websites you can use to get your heart pumping, your body moving and your brain working.  You don't have to do them all every day; you only have to choose one.

Don't forget  Joe Wick on Monday, Wednesday and Friday yes

Please send us some pictures of how you are keeping active at home - you could be riding your bike, hula hooping, jumping on the trampoline or simply doing something from one of the web links below.  Whatever it is you are doing, we would love to see it.


Boredom Buster Activity Cards -

21 Ways to get Fit in 2021 - 

60 Second Physical Activity Challenges -

YST Afterschool Club Weekdays 5pm

Go Noodle

Yoga with Adriene - 

Cosmic Yoga -

Change for Life -

Dan The Skipping Man -



This week we are looking at drawing plants and flowers using pencils from photographs. We can't wait to see them!