We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

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Week 4 - Remote Learning - Week beginning 25th January

A message from Miss Weightman...

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Have a watch of the video to get an idea of the activities in store for Week 4!

Reading Eggs

Every week, you are assigned a comprehension on Reading Eggs that should be completed. This is set so that your teacher can track your reading each week. If you do not know your login, please email your teacher.


We all know how important it is to keep moving and exercise regularly.  We know how hard that is at the moment but we don't want you to stop moving for too long so here is a list of websites you can use to get your heart pumping, your body moving and your brain working.  You don't have to do them all every day; you only have to choose one.

Don't forget  Joe Wicks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Please send us some pictures of how you are keeping active at home - you could be riding your bike, hula hooping, jumping on the trampoline or simply doing something from one of the web links below.  Whatever it is you are doing, we would love to see it.


*Physical Activity Bingo -


*Wonder Woman resource cards (home and school versions)


*Teach Active -


*imoves -


*Panathlon - 


*Playwaze, our new space for County Virtual Challenges - Challenges launched so far include: Juggling Challenge, Passing Challenge, Speed Dribble Challenge, Standing Long Jump Challenge and toe taps. Register for free here:


Activity - Standing up for myself

Friends are fun to be with and can sometimes help us if we’re feeling unhappy. Friends can sometimes be unkind, too. They might even ask us to do things that we think are risky.

Being able to stand up for yourself is an important skill that you can work at and get better at - just like doing maths, drawing, sport or writing. Practice makes perfect!

Here are some things that we can do if a friend is asking us to do something risky: 

  • Stand firm - say why you don’t think it’s a good idea
  • Speak clearly
  • Be friendly and polite
  • Stay calm
  • Look confident (relaxed body and arms)
  • Negotiate
  • Repeat your ideas ('stuck cd' technique)
  • Relaxed body language
  • Make eye contact when you speak
  • Walk away if necessary - but as a friend
  • Smile
  • Don’t get personal

Make an Assertiveness Manual - draw some simple pictures to advertise assertiveness skills - use the ideas above or make up your own.