We hope you all have a great Summer and look forward to seeing you all for the start of term on Thursday 2nd September.

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Week 6 - Remote Learning - Week beginning 8th February

A message from Miss Weightman...

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Reading Eggs

Every week, you are assigned a comprehension on Reading Eggs that should be completed. This is set so that your teacher can track your reading each week. If you do not know your login, please email your teacher.


We all know how important it is to keep moving and exercise regularly.  We know how hard that is at the moment but we don't want you to stop moving for too long so here is a list of websites you can use to get your heart pumping, your body moving and your brain working.  You don't have to do them all every day; you only have to choose one.

Don't forget  Joe Wicks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Please send us some pictures of how you are keeping active at home - you could be riding your bike, hula hooping, jumping on the trampoline or simply doing something from one of the web links below.  Whatever it is you are doing, we would love to see it.


Complete PE Snakes and ladders


Complete PE February Active at home timetable -


‚ÄčWeek 2 Daily Mile -


Chance to Shine Free Cricket Resources -


And don't forget the activities on Playwaze, our new County platform - more activities coming soon! 


In computing this term we are going to be learning about coding! Discovery Espresso have a fantastic coding program which you can complete. There is clear step to step guides for each lesson and there are units to complete on the website and this will be throughout the Spring Term so you do not need to rush to complete them all! Try and complete a lesson once a week and use it as some fun after completing the other tasks!

To access the coding you just need to follow these instructions:

1. Go to and use the login

Username: student4890

Password: royal4 

2. Click on Key Stage 2

3. Click on Computing

4. Click on the Coding tab, click on 'Block Coding' and complete the levels. 


Please send in photos of you doing this!


If you complete all this then why not try applying your skills to the Hour of Code and earn yourself some certificates for coding skills.  All you have to do is go on to the website and click on 'Try It'.  You will have lot's of fun whilst learning! You are able to earn certificates on here too! 


As we are remote learning at the moment, it's always good to remind ourselves how to stay safe online! 

Visit this website by clicking on this link: 


There are 7 activities that you can choose from to complete at the bottom of the page, such as: 

- It's a puzzle

- Picture wise

- Spot bullying

- Crack the Code

- Traffic Lights

- Communication 

- Who said what?