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Week 8 Remote Learning - Week Beginning 1st March

A message from Ms Daywan

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World Book Day!

On the 4th of March it is World Book Day.


Reading Eggs are running a World Book Day competition which you can  take part in! This is an optional competition! For those children in KS2 who are using Reading Eggspress, you will have to click on Reading Eggs. There is a link on our home page which explains how to enter and how to create your story! The competition opens today and ends on Thursday, at 10pm so all stories need to be written and saved by then! Get entering!



Holes, Chapter 6 - Listen / Read on Monday

Holes, by Louis SacharChapter 6.

Holes, Chapter 7 - Read / listen on Monday

Holes, by Louis SacharChapter 7.

Holes, chapters 8, 9, and 10 - Listen to Chapter 8 on Monday/Tuesday. Listen to Chapters 9 and 10 on Wednesday

Holes, by Louis SacharChapters 8, 9 and 10.

Holes, Chapters 11 and 12. Listen to Chapter 11 on Wednesday, Chapter 12 on Thursday

Holes, by Louis SacharChapters 11 and 12.

Holes Chapter 13 and 14. Listen to Chapter 13 on Thursday

Holes, by Louis SacharChapters 13 and 14.


Read, Read, Read, everyday!

ReadingEggspress Activity - login to Reading Eggspress and your activity will be ready for you to start.  This needs to be completed between the 1st March and the 8th March.


You can read any book; however, you may like to read:

  • Running on Empty by S. E. Durrant
  • The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Rauf
  • Holes by Louis Sachar
  • The Percy Jackson collection by Rick Riordan

How to use a semicolon


This week we are learning how water and nutrients are transported around our body. Your task is to create a diagram to show this. You should present your diagram to someone in your family, and if possible record your presentation, and send this in to us together with your diagram. 

Jesus Resurrection for Children | The Empty Tomb - John 20, 21

The Hindu cycle of birth, death and re-birth | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Hinduism

Simran and Vraj explain their belief in reincarnation. Vraj draws a picture to show how Hindus are rewarded for living good lives.

This week in art you will need to go outside and collect an assortment of leaves and twigs to make a natural animal collage. Take a look at the PowerPoint, and the Video below, to find examples of different animals. Which animal will you choose to make? Remember to send in a photo. 




Last week we learned how to describe different items of clothing in French.  This week, we are going to add to that and include colour.  Watch the lesson below to learn how to say and describe different items of clothing with colour in French.  


Who is your inspiration?

We all have someone who we look up to, whether it is a member of our family, a footballer, a singer, an actress etc.

Why do we look up to these people?  It is because they inspire us to be just like them.  We have seen what they have achieved in life and we want to be just like them. 

They give us hope and the belief that we can do it if we want it hard enough.  They teach us that if you put in the hard work and commitment, you can achieve anything we want and be who we want to be.

This week we would like you to write about the person that inspires you.  If it is a celebrity, we would like you to research them and explain why they are your inspiration – what you have learned from them? Etc.

If it is a member of your family / friend, you could interview them about their life and the hard work and struggles they have been through and the strength and resilience they have shown.

We want you to realise that you are capable of anything you put your mind to and if others can do it, then you can too.


Remember you should be active for 60 minutes every day, variety is the key! Below is a list of new websites you can use to exercise on your own or with your family.
Don't forget Joe Wicks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
Keep sending us some pictures of how you are keeping active at home, both indoors and outside. 


Daily Mile at home -


Sport England join the movement -


BBC Supermovers -


Topsportability -