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Weekly Work W/B Mon 25.01.21

Welcome to another week. We hope you are safe and happy.


Here is another familiar face to see how you are this week smiley

Hello from Miss Moore

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Keep all the fantastic work coming in and don't forget to check Reading Eggspress for assignments and keep practising your times tables on Rock Stars. Look out for your work on our great work section of the website. We are very proud of you ! yes





Lesson 1: To write a play script.


Lesson 2: To plan a character description.


Lesson 3: To write a character description.


Lesson 4: To plan a letter.


Lesson 5: To write a letter.


In the English Resources section there are instructional PowerPoints to guide you through each day's learning. There is also a page of pictures, for lessons 2&3, to help you and time stamps for the video.

English Resources:

Time Stamps




Lesson 1: To calculate area of a shape.


Lesson 2: To calculate area of a shape.


Lesson 3: To calculate area of a shape.


Lesson 4: To calculate area of a shape.


Lesson 5: To calculate area of a shape.


Below are instructional PowerPoints and differentiated sheets like we use in class. There is also a link to the White Rose Maths videos which will guide you through the strategies you need. 

Maths Resources:


WALT: To recognise fronted adverbials.


Below is an instructional PowerPoint and differentiated task sheets as used in class. 

There is also a link to a video on Discovery Espresso which may be useful to help understanding. 


SPaG Resources:



WALT: To investigate and understand the importance of the River Nile.

This week we would like you to continue with your work and project on the River Nile.


In the resources section below there is an Instructional PowerPoint and task sheet.


Just a reminder, we would like you to create your own project on the river Nile. instructions and helpful websites are included below.

Because we are expecting a detailed project we are giving you 2 weeks to do this. this can be done in any way you choose. 

you could do a video report where you are being filmed giving a talk.

You could do an art project with some writing on the Nile

you can do an information text like we have done in english with subheadings and fact boxes.

You could produce a big poster with information and pictures.


Play to your strengths.

We can't wait to see them.

Topic Resources:

The Importance Of The River Nile in Ancient Egypt

The river Nile was life in ancient Egypt, providing a fundamental source of water and fertile silt while simultaneously offering protection and spiritual str...

The Nile River For Kids 🐊 Under 10 Minutes!

Egyptian civilization developed along the Nile River in large part because the river's annual flooding ensured reliable, rich soil for growing crops. The Nil...



WALT: To investigate how sounds are made.

This is the final week you have to investigate how sounds are made and carry out the experiments as well as complete the task sheet. Remember to record what you learn from the investigations as well as try to take photos of the experiments or even maybe a video.



Below is an instructional PowerPoint and Task sheet.

Science Resources:

What is Sound? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

Hey kids! Doesn't it get annoying when someone calls you but you don't hear it ringing because of the silent mode? Doesn't SOUND play an important part in yo...

The Science of the String Phone! - #sciencegoals

Join Jessi and friends as they learn about sound waves by making a string phone! Plus, learn how to make your own! #sciencegoals----------Like SciShow? Want ...



WALT: To compare Pilgrimages between Hindus and Christians


This week there are no instructional PowerPoints of Task sheets however, I have put some useful video links below. 

WARNING: Parents, please be aware, if using YouTube for research on this topic there are some videos which include content which you may feel is not appropriate for your child. 


I would like you to research different places that Hindus and Christians go for Pilgrimage. You need to choose one Christian location and one Hindu location and create a poster comparing the two.

Do you think that there is a difference in the importance placed in pilgrimages between Hindus and Christians? If so, why?

write a paragraph explaining your thoughts.


A Hindu pilgrimage | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Hinduism

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Simran and her friends are young British Hindu's. They describe their experiences on pilgrimage, a journey to a holy place that ...

What brings thousands of pilgrims to Lourdes every year?

A pilgrimage is generally taken in search of faith or as an expression of belief. For Catholics, some of the most popular include Guadalupe in Mexico, Portug...



WALT: TO create an artistic representation of a journey through Egypt.


Below is an instructional PowerPoint. This topic will continue over the next few weeks. 

Art project Resources



WALT: To practice purchasing clothes in French.


Below is an instructional PowerPoint and task sheet. There is also a video to help you. 


Look and practice the words and phrases in the powerpoints and then do the card game with a member of your family.

Clothes in French | Beginner French Lessons for Children

In this Beginner French Lesson for Children you will learn French words for clothes including the French for jumper, T shirt, sweatshirt, shirt, blouse, trou...



WALT: To understand coding


We would like you to look at espresso coding and follow each lesson week on week to learn how to code and create your own sprites, backgrounds and animations.

There are instructional videos to watch each week before you undertake the tasks. Please watch them first.

Feel free to experiment with the coding as well to develop your skills.

Computing Resources:

The website you need is:

once in this page:


Login: student4890

Password: royal4


Once logged in click on BLOCK CODING and scroll down to level 4


You can send screen shots of work you have done or even small videos of your animations.



We all know being active is really important but even more so during these times. It can be very easy to just stay cozy on the sofa 


Try to do a little exercise or movement each day and let us know how you're getting on! 


Below are some video ideas but you may have another suggestion you would like to share! 



PSHE and Well-Being:


Looking after ourselves should always be a priority but even more so in these challenging times. If we don't look after ourselves how can we look after those we love the most and those around us?


Over the coming weeks take some time to enjoy some activities with your family. Many of the home learning tasks are designed to be done with others and this is a great opportunity to spend some time learning together and enjoying each others' company. 


Below are a few activities designed with well-being in mind. 


As with any of the other work, please send us pictures or a few words in an email explaining what you did. Remember, documenting these activities is not the main focus so please don't feel pressured to remember to take pictures just enjoy the time you spend doing the activity.


If you wish to complete the PSHE activities we would have been doing in class, there is a document below for you to have a look at. 


This week we would like you to look at community and your place in it.

Below is a Power point and then a work pack to look at and work through.