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PSHCE - Who can help?

PSHCE - Who can help?


Ask your child how they would feel if:

  • Their best friend came round to play
  • They are going to a party
  • They are asked to tidy up their toys/games
  • They can’t go out and play because it is raining
  • They have got no-one to play with at playtime
  • Someone asked them to join in a game at playtime
  • Other things



Explain that sometimes we can feel nervous, worried, anxious or scared about something, for example, going somewhere we haven’t been before. When we feel like this our body tells us that it’s having those feelings, because things happen to our body which don’t normally happen. What things can happen to our body when we’re feeling nervous or worried? (prompt as necessary): 

  • Butterflies in the tummy
  • Feeling hot
  • Feeling sweaty
  • Feeling sick
  • Hands might shake
  • Needing the toilet
  • Going red in the face
  • Other ideas 

There are two activities you can now do with your child:


Activity one – Gingerbread Man

You can either print the Gingerbread Man sheet off the website, or draw a Gingerbread Man on a sheet of paper. Ask your child to write or draw on the Gingerbread Man all the ways they can think of that the body shows us when we are feeling nervous or worried or scared.


Activity two – Who can help?

Ask your child to think of someone they could talk to if they were feeling worried, nervous or scared about something. Either print the Gingerbread Man activity sheet 2 off the website, or draw a Gingerbread Man on a sheet of paper. As your child to write a name for each limb of the Gingerbread Man (i.e. four names). When they have completed the task they can draw a smiley face for the Gingerbread Man. This will be their network of support to refer to at times they feel anxious. Talk about ways those people can help them with their worried and help them to feel ok or happy again/