It has been wonderful to see you all back. Thank you for continuing to follow the guidance and help keep us all as safe as possible.

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Work For At Home Week Beginning 11th January


This week we are going to be studying the book 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes. We have different tasks we would like you to complete based on this book. There is a video of the story you can watch below but if you have this book at home you could read it with someone in your family.

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Dogger written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

Below is a bank of useful words relating to the story Dogger


We are going to be looking at conjunctions which are joining words. This week we are starting off with the conjunction and.


We would like you to watch this short video clip which explains how words are joined using and from Discovery Education Espresso. You will need to login. Here are the login details:

Username: student4890

Password: royal4


After you've watched this video you can choose one of the options below.


1. Complete activity 1 and activity 2. There are links to them underneath the video on the website but here are the direct links if you need them.


2. Go through and answer the questions on the attached document below. You can simply discuss your answers with somebody in your family or you can print the questions and write your answers down.


This week, we are going to be learning about 3D and 2D shapes.  For each day there is a worksheet which has 3 different levels - Easy (Page 2), Medium (Page 3) and Hard (Page 4).  Please use the sheet which you feel best suits your child. In the Challenge box, there is an additional sheet for each day which is more about problems solving and explaining your thinking.  Feel free to use this if and when you like!



Last week in Topic we learnt all about Queen Victoria. This week we are going to learn about a young English woman called Florence Nightingale. Go through the PowerPoint and watch the videos to learn all about Florence. For the activity, can you sort the cards into conditions in the army hospital before and after Florence and her nurses improved conditions?



This week, we are going to continue looking at materials, but this week we are going to be looking at objects and naming the materials they are made from.  


This term our RE big question is 'Does Creation Help People Understand God?'


To get us started I would like you to watch a video retelling of the Creation story. This video is on Discovery Education Espresso and you will need to login. Here are the login details:

Username: student4890

Password: royal4


After watching the video I want you to discuss this with someone in your family. You can talk about your own beliefs and how you think the world was created. If you like you could create a picture based on the creation story.


We will continue with the theme of creation over this half term and next week's task will follow on from this.


We would like you to start the first coding unit at home. It is lots of fun and you can get more and more creative as you work your way through the lessons at home. Don't worry though it starts off very simple!


We are starting with Level 1- On the Move

Below is a help guide

The 'On the Move' unit helps you to learn that programs execute by following clear instructions and it helps you to understand that programs respond to inputs to do different things.


The link above will take you to the Discovery Education Webpage and you will need to login:

Username: student4890

Password: royal4


Work your way through the lessons (this may take you several weeks)

1 Under the Sea

2 Royal Chase

3 Transport on the Go

4 Another Planet


This week, we are going to continue looking at the work of L.S. Lowry.   In lesson, we are going to think about the colours Lowry used and the paint a seascape using these colours ( A seascape is a picture or painting of the sea or a beach)  Use the photopack to give you some ideas or you can paint or draw your own!


It's important to try and stay fit and healthy, especially when the weather isn't very nice and we can't go outside!


Keeping Myself Safe


Here are some questions you can talk about with your family:

  • What different things help to keep us all healthy?
  • Which physical activities do we like doing together?
  • What are our favourite different healthy foods?
  • Why is sleep so important?
  • What can help us when we're ill? (Try to think of things other than medicines first of all, such as rest, sleep, drinking plenty of water.) 
  • How can medicine be helpful?


Below is a game that you can download, print and play with someone in your family. It is called 'Help Tania Get Better.' We hope you enjoy it!